A Week of Apples

Hello friends! Hope everyone is having a fabulous Saturday. As September came to an end, we finally finished up our apple activities. Much of what we did can be found in our Apples, Apples Everywhere unit, but of course we also had to use some great ideas we found from our blogger friends. But don't worry, we're also going to include some freebies for ya'll today.

Our students have had some fun with our apple word work activities. They had fun building words, sorting our word families, and working on sequencing.

We also found this great apple addition math game on Pinterest from First Grade Friends. We actually loved it so much we've made a pumpkin version which we'll share soon.

We also tasted apples this week, and graphed our favorite apples. We began by tasting, and then each colored an apple for our favorite apple. We made a quick data table, tallied our results, and then made our graphs. Our graph can be found in our Apple unit.

We then did a 5 senses writing piece about apples, and made some great charts with the funniest adjectives. Of course I forgot to take pictures of those.

We ended up the week with some apple sequencing activities. We really talked about what comes first, next, last, etc with apples. We started by making our apple tree book about how an apple comes from a seed.

We then did Cara's great apple pie activity, and extended it a bit further.

To end our week we made applesauce. Each child brought in an apple, and before the kids came we cut them up and threw them in the crockpot. We did the cutest sequencing activity about who to make applesauce.
We then turned it into a First, Next, Then Last flip book that turned out so darn cute. It also REALLY helped reinforce this concept. This seems to be one thing that our kids struggle with, so we're starting on it early. Aren't these great?

And voila! Here's the finished product!

We like to send home a recipe for applesauce with the kids, so we added it to the back.

Before we actually ate our applesauce, we did Cara's labeling chart, and talked about and looked at everything we used to make the applesauce.

It turned out pretty yummy!

Here's our graph that we made for our class. Click on the links below to get your copy of our applesauce activities.

Applesauce Sequence
Applesauce Class Graph
Applesauce Recipe

And don't forget to check out our Apples, Apples Everywhere Unit at our TpT store.

We're working on our fall and pumpkin units, so keep an eye out for those, as well as for some great freebies early next week.
Happy Saturday!

Clipart Courtesy of Scrappin' Doodles.


  1. Wow! Love it ladies! Thank you so much for linking my blog to the apple game I created! I can't wait to post about your blog on mine!


  2. It's amazing how many activities you can do just with apples.

    -Kaylee's Education Studio

  3. Where can I get the apple sequencing activity? Thanks!