Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!  We have a little math game freebie that we’d love to share with you, but first we thought we’d share about how we do math and incorporate math games into our first grade classrooms. 

Our school uses My Math, which is a pretty structured math program.  After our kiddos finish their “On My Own” page, and we have looked it over, they have a list of things they can chose from such as flash card practice or the math game of the week.  
While kids are using flash cards, or playing the math game of the week, we are able work with kids who might need some extra support on their 
“On My Own” page.    

Thursday, during the last half hour of the school day, is what we call Math Review.  During this time we incorporate math journals using our math journal prompts.  After math journals our kiddos can choose shape/pattern blocks, counting cubes, math board games, math apps on the iPad, or ixl on computers.  While our kids are at these math centers, we meet with students who have math work to finish from the week.  We also use this time to assess math skills if needed. 

And here's our freebie for you all!  We’ll be using this next week as our math game of the week.   
It’s a game called “Who has the number that is greater?”  Or “Who has the number that is less?”  
We made our game double sided so the players can decide if they want to focus on who has more or who has less.   

This is a two-player game.  Each pair will need one game board and 20-30 number cards.   The players split the cards evenly and place their cards face down in the labeled box.   
 Each player flips a card over.
Since this is the "less" side, the person with the number that is less (57) gets to keep both cards, and puts them in a separate pile. The game continues until all cards have been flipped over.  Then, both players count their cards and whoever has the most is the winner.  
Here is the back of the game board.  If playing on this side, the player with the greater number (104) gets to keep both cards.  
 We've created two options for game boards and number cards 1-120.  
If you'd like this game just click {HERE}!

Have a wonderful Friday!