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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Thanksgiving themed freebies

Well we've got report cards and conferences right around the corner so this week we're finishing up assessments and managing to fit in some thanksgiving themed activities.  We though we'd share some freebies with you all in case you need some last minute Thanksgiving themed activities!

We're constantly changing up our paper practice and word work centers and always looking for new ideas.  Here's one we just created:

The first page is the code page for our kiddos to use while solving the secret word pages.  The second page contains our spelling words for the week.  If you use Treasures and are on Unit 2 week 3, then this will be perfect for you!  Don't use Treasures?  We've included a sight word page as well! Just click the pictures above to download!

ABC order is another skill we're working on with our first graders.  We have been having our kiddos sort up to eight words at a time.  Below are recording sheets and two sets of Dolch words.  The last set of eight words are our Treasures sight words for the week and the previous week.  

Just click the pages above to download!

 And finally, here's a writing prompt that we'll put out with our writing center materials this week.  
Just click the picture if you'd like a copy!

Hope you all had a FANTASTIC weekend and have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thunder and Lightning Oh My!

We just finished our water cycle/weather theme unit that we've incorporated into our classrooms and we wanted to share a few thunder and lightning activities that we did last week with our first graders.
Click {HERE} for a great resource that has "kid friendly" info about thunder and lightning.
Here's a great non fiction book. There is quite a bit of information, so we read bits and pieces to our first graders.

Since we've been talking a lot about author's purpose, we discussed with our kids that the author wrote the above book to inform.

We also read the book below and talked about how the author wrote this book to entertain.

After reading and discussing thunder and lightning we showed our students pictures of lightning Click the picture below if you would like a PDF of lightning pics!

Just in case some of our students hadn't heard thunder, and to remind them of the sound it makes, we downloaded thunder sounds and saved them to our laptops to listen to after we displayed the lightning pictures.
Finally after watching and listening to thunder and lightning, we made lists on our whiteboards of adjectives that describe thunder and lightning. Then our first graders filled out the worksheet below by writing an adjective in each box that describes thunder and/or lightning. Just click the worksheet below if you'd like a copy!
We ended the week discussing the different types of weather that we've learned about and our first graders completed the writing below. They wrote what type of weather they liked and why it was their favorite. Example, "I like sunny weather because I can play outside with my friends." Just click the worksheet below if you'd like a copy!

We've also added our newest addition to our TpT store. It's a new weather themed math and literacy game pack that includes a nonfiction printable weather book too!
Included in this game pack are:

*48 addition equation cards (double digits 10-20 plus a single digit number)

*48 subtraction equation cards (minuends 10-20 minus a single digit number)

*24 telling time (hour and half hour) cards

*24 counting coins (pennies, nickels, & dimes) cards

*36 spring phrase cards

*198 sight word cards.

*Weather themed special cards are included as well!

If you'd like to check out our Weather Themed Math and Literacy Game Pack, just click the picture below!

Have a great week!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Our Writing Notebooks

This year we have implemented writing binders into our kiddos took kits. We've had writing folders in the past that the kids have used for writers workshop, and we've used a variety of personal dictionaries, both purchased and created. This year our school has gone to a school-wide science focus, where each month we are all focused on the same theme, with the same set of vocabulary words. You might go more in depth, or just introduce them, according to to your grade. We've previously posted our habitat vocabulary words HERE. If you like our vocabulary sheets, keep watching. (We will be posting them as we do them.) So this year we thought we would try to combine their vocab with their writing folders. Take a look at our writing notebooks!

The cover of our notebooks. Like the cover? Click HERE to get your own, as well as b/w versions for your students.

On the inside pocket of their notebooks the kids have these fabulous personal word walls to use for words they need help with. We don't use these for word wall words, since they already have those (later on), but just for any other words they want spelled. These were pretty cheap and should hold up pretty well.

Next we've put their plastic folders that they use for writers workshop. The go side is for work they are still working on, and the stop side is for work that they've finished. Once a week or so we share our writing, they turn in their best piece, and take the rest home. Click HERE for our stop labels and HERE for our go labels, which fit Avery Labels 8160.

Next is our first grade study guide. This has their word wall, letters and sounds, color words, months, days, and even some math words. You can find these HERE if you'd like your own copy. We keep these in page protectors to really protect them all year.

We have included our writing reminders in a page protector as well. We also have these as smaller book marks that the kids can keep in the back pocket, or take home for extra help. Find our writing reminders HERE.

Last is where our firsties keep their vocab pages. (I apologize that this picture won't turn. It's refusing, and and is driving me CRAZY!!!) We'll continue to add these throughout the year.

Thanks for taking our tour of our writing notebooks. How do you handle writing in your classroom?

If you haven't already been over to visit Anna at Crazy for First Grade, head on over. We were guest bloggers today, and we have some great freebies for greater than and less than.

Have a great weekend! We have a day off tomorrow so we get a 3 day weekend!!!

Some clipart courtesy of Scrappin Doodles

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Word Wall Words

Well after cleaning our classrooms last week we decided our word walls needed a new look. So we created a set of word wall words and alphabet headers for our word walls. This set can be found HERE in our TpT store. This set includes 170 high frequency words and one set of alphabet letters. Two fonts are provided for the words, and three fonts are provided for the letters. Color words are mixed in with the words and are also provided in color. We have also included blank word cards for you to add your own words if needed. So come check it out HERE, and don't forget we are having a 20% off sale at our TpT store through tomorrow!

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

It's a Zoo Day!

Anyone going to the zoo anytime soon? We are going in the next few weeks, and let me tell ya, the kiddos are EXCITED! We don't have too much time left to do an entire zoo unit, so instead we came up with some fun zoo-themed math and literacy games. "It's a Zoo Day!" has great activities to reinforce addition and subtraction, fractions, place value, and even first grade sight words. These are great to use by themselves, or to compliment any zoo or animal unit. Please head on over to our Teachers Pay Teachers store and check it out! Here's a sneak peak...

Here's a freebie to go along with these games, or to use on your own! Click on the picture for your own copy.

The first one to comment with the correct date of our zoo field trip gets a free copy! Hope you all had a great weekend! Click on the picture below to see our Zoo Day packet!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Popcorn Words

Here is a fun game that we use to help our first graders remember their sight words. We included a blank page if you want to add your own sight words too. We put ours in popcorn containers purchased from the dollar store. Click HERE to download a copy!