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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Tomorrow is Halloween and our kiddos are soooo EXCITED!!!  We've added a few Halloween themed activities to our lessons this week and our first graders have had so much fun!  Many of our activities have come from our new Tricks and Treats Mini-Unit.

This is our newest addition to our store and it's on sale for 20% now through Saturday.  If you're already planned for tomorrow, this is a pack that you can definitely tuck it away for next year!  
This Halloween mini-unit full of Tricks and Treats includes:

*There was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat sequence activity
*Halloween Subtraction Match
*Jack-O-Lantern Addition Equations
*Halloween Vowel Sort
*Halloween Word Builders
*Halloween High Frequency Word Cards
*Halloween Game Board with Addition/Subtraction Cards
*The Runaway Pumpkin Writing Activity

Just click {HERE} if you'd like to take a peek at our newest addition to our store!

Here's an addition activity included in this pack!  

Here's a little activity we're doing tomorrow.  
We saw the idea on Pinterest, but we're not sure which site it came from.  If you know, just comment below!  We'd love to add the link to this post!  
We changed the snack mix up a bit and created a graphing and response worksheet to go with it.  
You can go {HERE} to get your copies!

Looking for more ideas for next year?  
Click {HERE} for  link to a few candy corn activities we've  done this month:

Have a WONDERFUL Halloween!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Candy Corn (Pssst, we have some freebies!)

Today was a good day. Sure, the kiddos are crazy, we have too much to do, and WAY too little time to do it, and we are nearing Halloween, but in the craziness we call first grade, we had a few fabulous moments...

We are doing secret pals this week, as a fun way for the teachers to celebrate Halloween, and we found this when we arrived at school today. How cute is this!!! {This was for Leslie, so Erin is secretly super jealous!! :) }

And then, I got a package in the mail. I know, I'm sure ya'll do book orders. But doesn't it just make your day when a box arrives, and you get to open it and smell all those brand new books? I only had a few kid orders this month, so most of these were mine for my classroom, or for some Christmas presents for the kiddos...

If you don't do Scholastic Book orders yet, you are missing out! It's amazing how many free books we get each month!

So candy corn... we love it during the fall, but don't care for it the rest of the year. But the kids always love doing any type of candy activities {duh}, so fall is a great time to get this in. We started with the cute poem we wrote:

The kids wrote it on the paper, but we weren't able to get any pictures of it.

We glued those to the bottom of a 9x12 black piece of construction paper, and did a cute art activity for the top.

This is the type of art where you cute tissue paper into squares, and then use the end of your pencil, and some glue to stick it on. They turned out so cute, I wish I could have gotten pictures. Maybe next time. :)

In math we made these cute candy corn math fact flashcards for the kids to practice.

We also thought that if we printed these on card stock, and laminated (may have to color them a bit first) we could use them as game cards. So we had to create a little candy corn game to do with it. This we will be playing on Halloween.

If you would like these activities, click below for the downloads.

Candy Corn Activities
Candy Corn Flash Cards

Here's a little fun treat if you need help giving out little goodies to your firsties. Just print these, and then fold in half. Staple onto a little baggie filled with treats. (We haven't put ours together yet, but wanted to share before the weekend just in case you want to use.) Sign the back, and you've got an easy treat! Enjoy!

Halloween Treat Toppers

Have a good rest of the week!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Halloween Freebie!

Happy Monday! We're working on a few things for later on this week, so for tonight we have a quick little freebie for all our our First Grade Fanatics! Today in reading group we did a fun little reading about the history of Halloween. We only have kids 2 days this week, so I decided to not to start a new unit. Anywho, I found a reading somewhere out there a few years ago, I'm thinking maybe on ABC teach. We read it a few different ways, and talked about it, and the kids really learned a lot about why people celebrate Halloween, and the history behind it. Then later on during intervention (where I have my reading group again) we did this activity. The kids had to come up with 4 things that we learned about Halloween. They did a great job, so we thought we'd share it with you. Enjoy!

What do we know about Halloween?