Happy Halloween!

Tomorrow is Halloween and our kiddos are soooo EXCITED!!!  We've added a few Halloween themed activities to our lessons this week and our first graders have had so much fun!  Many of our activities have come from our new Tricks and Treats Mini-Unit.

This is our newest addition to our store and it's on sale for 20% now through Saturday.  If you're already planned for tomorrow, this is a pack that you can definitely tuck it away for next year!  
This Halloween mini-unit full of Tricks and Treats includes:

*There was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat sequence activity
*Halloween Subtraction Match
*Jack-O-Lantern Addition Equations
*Halloween Vowel Sort
*Halloween Word Builders
*Halloween High Frequency Word Cards
*Halloween Game Board with Addition/Subtraction Cards
*The Runaway Pumpkin Writing Activity

Just click {HERE} if you'd like to take a peek at our newest addition to our store!

Here's an addition activity included in this pack!  

Here's a little activity we're doing tomorrow.  
We saw the idea on Pinterest, but we're not sure which site it came from.  If you know, just comment below!  We'd love to add the link to this post!  
We changed the snack mix up a bit and created a graphing and response worksheet to go with it.  
You can go {HERE} to get your copies!

Looking for more ideas for next year?  
Click {HERE} for  link to a few candy corn activities we've  done this month:

Have a WONDERFUL Halloween!

Happy Fall

Happy fall! It's definitely fall in our neck of the woods and we've been talking about the seasons with our kiddos. We've read several non fiction books about the season and have a little fiction favorite we'd like to tell you about.
This is such an adorable book about two squirrels who are experiencing their first fall and wonder why the leaves are falling from their tree they call home.  It's one of our favorites that we've read for the last couple of years and our first graders just LOVE it!

And speaking of seasons, we just love this YouTube video!  It has such a catchy tune!

All of Harry Kindergarten's videos are WONDERFUL!

Here's a fall freebie in our TpT store!
 Our kiddos just love these books!  
Just click {HERE} for a copy!

Our phonics focus for the week is the short a sound. So we thought we'd share another fall freebie with you!  This word sort contains four short a word sort cards and 20 words to sort.  There are also several recording sheet options that we've included.  Just click below for your copy!

We will be putting this out at one of our literacy centers next week as a review.  

Hope your fall is off to a great start! 
Have a wonderful week!