Watchya Doin' Wedesday... homework and dinner

Happy Hump Day! Truth be told, I hate that saying, but this week it fits! These kiddos are keeping us on our toes this week! Sometimes I wish the public could spend a day in our rooms with us, and see what we go through on a daily basis. Teachers just are NOT appreciated enough. But I digress...

At our school we do small group reading groups for 35 minutes, and then also do Daily 5 with our whole class. For reading homework, we focus on our reading group. We know that they are many ways to do homework out there, but we wanted to share what we do. Because our "small groups" are actually quite large (our kids who have the highest need to get 1:6 groups, but the classroom teachers end up with 15-20 or so), we just don't have time in our groups to collect and pass out homework everyday. So we decided to go with the weekly homework system. We pass out homework on Monday, and the kids are responsible for taking care of it all week, and then they turn it back in on Friday.

In our homework folders, we include our Reading program homework for the week, as well as 2 paper books at the kids individual DRA level. We print these mostly from Reading A-Z and also use Scholastic Mini Books. The kids take great care of these and do return them for the most part. This year in my reading group I've also included a parent component to reading. Not only do the kids have to read for 10 minutes a night, but they have to be read to for 10 minutes as well. Hopefully this will really stress the importance of reading to your kids, no matter what level they are at.

If you'd like to use our reading homework logs, here ya go! Click HERE to download your own copies. And since most of you fabulous teachers need to eat... we thought we'd share another recipe with you!

Here's a little recipe that my family LOVES! We are a burrito lovin' family and always looking for new burrito/wrap recipes. This Crispy Southwest Chicken Wrap recipe comes from melskitchencafe, and it is oh so yummy!
I always change recipes up a bit and here are a few of my changes:
* I left out the peppers and cilantro since we topped ours
with fresh homemade salsa.
*I added the spices to the rice as it boiled.
*I fried our burritos in a little oil instead of spraying them with cooking spray. Probably not the healthiest, but they sure did taste good.

Have a great week friends!
Only 2 more days and it's the weekend!


  1. I love your reading log and recipe! Yum! I am having a recipe linky party and would love it if you would link up:

    Thanks ladies!

  2. nice ideas and i do agree that teachers are not appreciated enough ^_^