Do You Use a Behavior Clip Chart?

Happy Friday Friends! We wanted to share with you how our behavior clip chart system is going this year. This is our first year of implementing this in our classrooms and we absolutely LOVE it! We have tied it in with our school wide behavior/reward system and our students feel so proud when their clips are moved up. If you'd like to see our examples of our clip charts you can scroll down through the post HERE.
This behavior system was working so well, and after the first few weeks we really wanted to reward the kiddos who made it to outstanding. We thought about several ideas and came up with the option of allowing our students to customize their clips with pieces of ribbon.
Here's what we do:
Before lining up the kids for busses and pick up, we review the chart. Using a spreadsheet with the kids' names, we put a tally by the students who've made it to outstanding.
When a student has made it to outstanding 3 times, they get to choose a piece of a ribbon to customize their clip. We then glue their piece on after school.
How cute are these?
We made sure to get our state's college colors and some theme related ribbons as well.
Our kids love this and we too are having so much fun finding different ribbons for them to choose from!

Here are some close ups of a few clips with ribbon pieces:
After a clip has 5-6 ribbon pieces, the student gets to take their clip home and then start all over again. We haven't had anyone fill up their clip yet, but we are thinking about 5-6 pieces should fill up a clip.

We also wanted to create a simple sheet for some of our students to take home that communicates with their family about how their day went. Here's a freebie that we would love to share with you.
Just click the picture below!

Have a wonderful weekend, and if you use this clip chart system, we'd love to hear
how it works for you!


  1. This year, I started one similar to this one... and I love it, too! I adapted mine to my Beach Themed classroom. The kids really focus on the good behaviors that help them "clip up."

    Mine all have a Good Behavior Punch Card. When they clip up once, they earn one "punch" on their card... when they clip up twice, they earn two "punches." When they get ten punches, they get to pick a prize from my prize binder (it has things like ice cream at lunch, read to a K friend, picture with the principal, "dibs" on the computer, etc... things that are easy and cheap but better than the treasure box).

    I love this system and can't believe it took me 7 years to figure out how well it works! :)

  2. After teaching for 21 years I finally started using this clip chart this year. I love it! However, after one quarter of the school year done I have decided to revamp the chart a bit. This group of kiddos that I have are basically very well-behaved and don't need to many reminders to "get with it"! :) So, starting Monday there will be less colors on my chart...we'll see how it goes. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  3. I would love to see what the clips look like with ribbons on them! I have seen many clip chart ideas and have thought about doing it next year, but haven't seen a take home record as great as yours. thanks so much!!!!

  4. I started using the clip chart this year too! I really like it and so do the kids and parents. They have a punch card in their desks and they get a punch at the end of the day if they are on green or above. They also get punches for returning homework and when the card is full they go to the treasure chest! I am also wanting to change a few things and like your ribbon idea! I am also going to start eating lunch every so often with the kids that are in the "pink club" Thanks for the home record. I send one similar home daily. I like this one better but wish it had all 5 days on it. Thank you for sharing!!

  5. I love my clip chart too. Once kids make it to pink I glue on a small jewel. Once they get 3, they take that clip home and get a new one. They color it with crayon to show they are on their 2nd clip. The jewels equal a special prize from our Best Bee-havior catalog (eat with teacher, stuffed animal for a day, etc. freebies). You can see a pic of my chart with the jewels here:

    :) Tawnya

  6. Thanks so much for all of your comments! What great ideas! Can't wait to try them out.

  7. I have also implemented this behavior chart and good behavior catalog idea... up to this point my kids have turned in their punch cards after 10 punches, I have just changed the punch card to 20 punches! I have everything I need (extra punch cards, punches, jewels, colored pen etc) in a jewelry box that I take out every morning. As part of their morning routine when they come in the classroom, they do their punch cards and then we move the clips to green. Seems like a calmer time to do this than at dismissal time. I have a "last call for punch cards" and if a student hasn't done it by that time they will lose out. I also have students earn an extra punch for bringing back report card covers or other items signed etc. Students also earn an extra punch if the "desk fairy" spies their clean desks and they receive an orange card in their little surprise bag.

    I'd also like to see how you do the ribbons- will it be wrapped around it or more like little streamers? You could prob use curling ribbon and make it curly- tie it to the spring so we don't have to glue it...

    Thank you,
    Beth (Primary Connections)

  8. Great ideas Beth! I like how you have the students move their clips the following day. The third picture down from the post shows the ribbon pieces that have been cut and glued on. I just simply cut a little piece and glue it on. They just LOVE it!

  9. I started using it also and love it! I write the student's name on the clip, but haven't used the ribbon or paper idea. Those are great!

  10. Just found your blog on pinterest and I LOVE your MLK Jr. activities!!! I teach kindergarten but I can definitely use some of your ideas in my classroom! Thank you! As for the clip system, once the children get on outstanding we decorate with jewels...some I bought in the jewelry section of Hobby Lobby! :) After 4 jewels, the clip gets "retired" into the "Behavior Hall of Fame"! Then the clip gets replaced with a colored know, one that has been painted!:) I love the clip system and it goes very well with our school wide program!

  11. When do they begin clipping upward and do they have to clip down after going up if they misbehave?

  12. Hi! I just found your blog and am your newest follower! Feel free to come visit me at I am new to the blogging world. :)

    Thanks for this great idea-- I am excited to implement it in August. I have always used a flip card system but I think this will work wonderfully.

  13. lov2tch our kids clip up when we catch them being safe, respectful, and/or responsible which are our three school rules. We might say, "Great job being responsible and cleaning up, you may go move your clip up" or sometimes we might move it up instead of having the student move it up. It just depends on what is currently going on in the classroom. They also "clip up" when they earn an "Eagle Eye" which is a school wide positive behavior reinforcement program. Depending on the misbehavior they might have to move their clip down. If it is minor there might be a reminder or two before this happens, but if it is major is definitely gets moved down. Hope this helps :)

  14. Thanks so much for the great ideas! I was wondering if you have a letter explaining your clip chart that you send home with your students. If so, could you share it with us? Or, do you have it on TpT where we could buy it? Thanks again, Beth

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