December Math Problems & We've Got a Math Freebie!

Our December Math Journal Questions are now available in our Teachers Pay Teachers Store!
December Math Questions include:
*Addition (2&3 addends with sums to 20 and adding while counting by 10's)
*Greater than/less than
*Place value (tens & ones)
*Ordering numbers
Just click the picture below and head on over and take a look.

Don't forget to check out our November Math Questions which can be found {Here}.

And now for our math freebie! Last week we reviewed counting by 10's with our kiddos. students are pretty familiar with counting by 10's to 100, so we created a counting by 10's to 120 activity. Click the picture below for directions and free activity printables!

Also we thought we'd call upon on blogging friends for a little advice on reading programs that you are currently using. Our district is currently going through the adoption process, and we have to make a decision by mid-November. Erin is on the committee, so she'd love any help you can offer! Are any of you using Journey's, Imagine It!, or Treasures? These are the three it's been narrowed down to. If you are using one of these programs, we'd love to hear what you think! Leave us a comment with your thoughts/advice/info on these programs and we will enter you into our drawing. One lucky comment will win any fall item in our TpT store. We'd really appreciate the help! We will pick a winner next Friday night (November 4th). Have a great Sunday!


  1. Thanks for the freebie! Our district uses Treasures. This is my first year using it in first grade, but I'm not a big fan. There are a ton of skills that are taught (and tested) each week and some of them do not seem to be developmentally appropriate for this point in the year. Maybe if you could pick and choose which skills to address it would be better, but our district expects us to complete the weekly and unit assessments so I have to cover them all.

  2. Loved the freebie! Treasures is the reading program that we use in our district. It is okay, but I admit that I am not required to use the whole program, so I don't! I use elements that they are there, but I also do quite a bit of supplemental things. I like the stories and there is a good mix of fiction and nonfiction. I do not use a lot of the workbook stuff. The workbook pages are way above most of my kiddos at the beginning of the year. It is great to have as a resource, though.

    First Grade Delight

  3. My district uses Treasures also. We are allowed to choose which parts we use or leave off. We found the Phonics portion to be very weak, so we use Saxon Phonics instead. I like the basal okay. There is a good mix of fiction and non-fiction, but some of the stories are not that great. I hardly ever use the workbook, but I do like the big charts that came with the series.

  4. My district is also using Treasures. Its MUCH better than what we were using Scott Forsman. At my K level it seems ok. Lots of skills and various things are prepped with a variety of levels for all learns. I LOVE that it has leveled readers -- and skill packets to use for some of my kiddos (not all--they all dont need them) However, at the upper grader they have had to determine WHAT weekly assessments they are using b/c otherwise there is TO much and not all of its good.

    O see that like others we dont have to do all of it, just agree at each grade level and go from there for the assessment pieces. Good Luck!

    Sarah Hetrick

  5. I'm not sold on the Treasures Reading Series personally but our district requires us to us the weekly and unit assessments which means we need to use it with fidelity. The center flip charts are above our kids reading level yet we have to use them so we have to explain it...

    Good Luck!
    Beth (Primary Connections)