The Three Little Pigs

Well it's definitely back to school mode around here lately (we go back in 19 days) and we have already been thinking about reading and literacy activities during our first couple of weeks of school. Reading groups will not begin until the third week, or until all of our students have been assessed. Along with Daily 5, whole group literacy activities will also be incorporated throughout our day. We will be reading some familiar books to our students during these few weeks and also introduce some newer versions to compare them with. There are so many versions of the The Three Little pigs out there and we found a few and created a little freebie to share with you all. First we'll read an original version of The Three Little Pigs. Here are two examples:
In the first book written by Betty Miles, all of the pigs remain alive at the end of the story and the wolf ends up falling into their soup, but just gets burned, and makes a quick exit out the door. The first pig, second pig, and the wolf have worse luck in the second version above illustrated by Marie-Louise Gay. The first and second pig both get eaten by the wolf, but the third pig tricks the wolf and eats him for dinner. I am sure there are several others, but these were the first two I found at my libaray that were similar to the original story.
This fabulous book, The 3 Little Dassies written by Jan Brett, is version similar to The Three Little Pigs, but the characters are different and the the houses that they build are also different. Jan Brett tells about how she got the idea for this story HERE. I won't giveaway any details about this story, but let me tell you after reading it, I am definitely going to buy a copy for my classroom, so darn cute!
These two books below are also other versions of The Three Little Pigs, and are very cute as well. A few of the houses are built from the same materials as in the original version, but the characters are different. The Three Little Gators is written by Helen Ketteman and The Three Little Javalinas is written by Susan Lowell.

And now for the freebie.
We wanted to do a book comparison with one of the original versions and a version similar to the original, and since we'll be doing this during the first week of school, it also has to be easily completed by our new first graders. So here is a worksheet comparing the houses in an original version of The 3 Little Pigs and a version that you choose. We'll be choosing The 3 Little Dassies because the houses are completely different. Click the worksheet below to download your copy

Watch for more book comparisons as we get closer to school!

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  1. Great ideas! I love to do the Little Red Hen comparisons...there is one for Fall, the original book, one for Halloween (The Little Green Witch) and one for Christmas (The Little Red ELf). You can read them all atonce or one at a time and ask them to use their schema to remember the previous book/s (then re-read them). I L-O-V-E book comparisons!

  2. Love this! I'm completely obsessed with different versions on the 3 little pigs. I don't have the Jan Brett one so I'll have to add that to my collection. One of my favorites is The three little wolves and the big bad pig. It's so funny. I'm also a little obsessed with the different versions of The Gingerbread Boy. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love doing book comparisons!! Thanks for sharing your sweet graphic organizer :)

  4. I do a mini-unit on the Three Little Pigs towards the beginning of the year. I'm definitely going to use your compare and contrast worksheet. Another activity my kiddos like to do is after reading different versions, they create their own title page, such as "The Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark" and illustrate. They turn out pretty cute!

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  5. Thanks ladies! What great ideas! Stay tuned for more comparisons. I just picked up more books today!

  6. Thanks ladies. Great resource!!