14 Days of Summer #7

We officially have one more week left of vacation! We've both been super busy working on classroom stuff, printing at home, blogging, not to mention trying to get into our classrooms. We are really getting ready to head back... Fingers crossed that the sunshine sticks around for our last week off! But now, today's freebie. This one comes to us from Kylie over at Down Under Teacher. Kylie is sharing a board game with us called Planet Hop. The goal of the game is for students to read oi/oy words and 'planet hop' back to Earth. Students take turns picking up a card. If they read the word correctly, they spin the spinner and move that number of spaces. If they don't read it correctly, they stay where they are.

There are three levels of play:
  1. Red cards
  2. Green cards
  3. Spell the words (either red or green). The other player picks up the card and reads the word. If you can spell the word, you spin the spinner and move the number of spaces spun.
The winner is the player who reaches Earth first. Click on the picture below for your copy.

Make sure to check out Kylie's blog!

Down Under Teacher

An error was found on our 14 Days of Summer post #3. It's been all fixed, so make sure to check back HERE to download your new copy! Thanks for fixing it Erica!