14 Days of Summer # 12

Hope you all are having a fabulous Saturday! We have a few more days left of our summer vacation and those days are going to be all about family time. Spending time with our families and kids is what we enjoy most about our summer vacation!
Our Freebie today comes from Alicia at First Grade Factory. She is sharing reusable template pages to create student math journals. Below is Alicia's explanation of what's included in the download:

This download offers reusable template pages to create student math
journals. The pages include: mathematics journal page cover, higher level
craft stick question pieces, 100s chart, Today's Number page, Math
Vocabulary page, How I Solved the Problem page (constructed response),
3-2-1 page, thinking maps, graph templates, and student information pages
(shapes, money, and keywords).
Click on the picture above or HERE to download.

Don't forget to visit her blog! Just click her blog button below!


  1. This is a really cute idea, but is there one available that does not have 'sample' written on each page?

    Thank you!

  2. I love these journal pages! I was unable to find the download without "sample" written on them. Are those templates available for download?

  3. So sorry ladies. We received this from First Grade Factory and it looks like her download now has sample written on it. You will have to contact her about it. We are not quite sure why it is downloading like that.