14 Days of Summer #9

Well, the progress in our classrooms had been amazing. We've got furniture set up, tables cleaned, everything put away, and most of our organizing is done! Yay!! We are now both going to head out for a long weekend to really end our summer. Lots of family time, and no school work! Next week when we go back we've got the fun stuff to work on in our rooms. New bulletin boards, and we'll be adding all of the great stuff we've been creating this summer. Don't worry, we'll post pics some time next week.

Today our freebie is from the fabulous blogger Mrs. Saoud at Primary Graffitti. So ya'll do class mascots that travel in your room? Have you been thinking about setting one up, but needed some inspiration? Then you will love this freebie! It's a great activity based on The Lorax. Click on the picture below and check it out!

Make sure to head on over to Mrs. Saoud's blog and check out all of her fun stuff!


  1. LOVE Dr. Seuss! Thank you for the fantastic freebie! :o)


  2. Amazing! What a meaningful connection! Thanks for sharing.