14 Days of Summer # 11

Morning folks! It is a lucky day for you today, because we have 2, that's right, TWO freebies for you today! Our first one is from new blogger Jamie from Teaching Little Firsties. She's got a great behavior chart to share with you, and guess what! It's in Spanish as well! At our school that's a big deal since we have about 25% speaking Spanish. Jamie also had an adorable birthday chart to share with you. For directions on how to use them, head on over to her blog! Click on the links below to get your copies!

Behavior Chart
Birthday Icons
Birthday Numbers

Our next freebie is from Mrs. Parker from Learning With Mrs. Parker. This is a great activity to use when working on place value, which she does at the beginning of the year. Click below to get a copy for you!

Place Value Math Mat

Learning with Mrs Parker

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