Motivational Monday Vol. 9

This week our first graders are heading to the zoo for a field trip. We have created a zoo book for our students to write in before the zoo and after. Click HERE to get your copy. The first two pages can be copied back to back and pages 3 and 4 can also be copied back to back. After you have made your copies, simply place one page on top of the other, fold, and you’ve got a book ready to be stapled or you can just leave it folded. We haven’t been able to copy ours yet, but we will tomorrow. If we find glitches, we will be sure to let you know and make changes to the book if needed :) Are you planning a zoo trip too? Our, It's a Zoo Day! (math and literacy games) would be perfect to have your kids play. They can be found in our TpT store.

Summer break is just around the corner for us and we are going to spend most of the summer enjoying our time with our kids and family, but we will be sure to share our units and activities that are currently in the works! Stay tuned throughout the summer for lots of ideas, units, and lessons that we will be creating for the upcoming school year!


  1. Thanks so much! We are glad to have you following :)

  2. I to just found your blog and love it. thanks for the freebie...this was perfect and saved me on a hectic friday afternoon :)

  3. Kala, So glad you found this to be helpful! Our kiddos really enjoyed these books :)