Motivational Monday Vol. 7

Motivation for today, we have less than 1 month of school to go until summer! YIKES!!! As excited as I am to be a stay at home mama for the summer, I'm a bit nervous about all that we have yet to cover. Well get it done though, we always do!

We have a little unit on TPT called Creepy Crawlers I wanted to remind you about. May is such a fun time to learn about bugs, and this unit is packed! It's full of math, literacy, science, art, you name it! Head on over to our store to take a look! As a little incentive, here's an activity I did today with my reading group. Keep in mind these kiddos are all reading above grade level, so it's more difficult than I would do with my class. I also enlarge this on the copy machine 130%, which puts it on a 11x17 piece of paper, which gives them enough room to write. The Very Greedy Bee is a sweet little book, with a great message as well. Click on the picture for you very own copy. :)

We will also be sharing a memory book with you this week, so make sure to watch for it. It's one that we do every year with our first graders, and we are just putting the finishing touches on it so that we can share it. We will be uploading it to TPT in PowerPoint form, so that you are able to change things to make it fit your class, and school and such. Keep your eye out for it because it will be here this week. And don't miss the give away that will go along with it...

Happy Monday!

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