Shapes, Shapes, & More Shapes

Hi all! We are sharing the love some more with another freebie. Last week and this week we have been reviewing shapes and their characteristics. We began the week by reviewing our shape characteristic charts and doing a lot of shape review activities. We ended the week with looking at figures made out of several shapes. See below for an example. We used large die cut shapes and created figures which were projected from our document cameras for our students to view. Our students then told us what shapes were used in our designs. Here is an example of some of the figures we made:

Here is a worksheet to go along with the activity mentioned above. Click HERE and copy the two pages back to back:

And now for another freebie :) After introducing 3D shapes this week and comparing them with other 3D and 2D shapes, we are going to have have our first graders play a shape match game. This game could be played several ways:

1. Match same 2D to 2D shape
(students need to say the shape name in order to keep the cards)

2. Match two shapes with similar characteristics. For example if a student flips over a square and a rectangle they might say, "They both have 4 sides." or "They both have four corners." If the student's characteristics are correct, they have a match and can keep the cards.

3. Match a 2D shape to a similar 3D shape and explain why they are similar. For example, a student might flip over a sphere and a circle and they could state, "These two shapes are round."

*The student with the most cards at the end of the game
(or when there aren't any more matches left) is the winner.
Click HERE for a copy of the game cards!

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