Our new Calendar Set! (and give away)

As our year comes to an end we of course are already looking ahead to next year. We are always looking for new ideas for our classrooms, and we both thought we'd like to spice up our calendar areas. You all know how frustrating it is to lose calendar pieces, or wear out something, only to have to buy an entirely new set! So, we thought we'd create our own calendar cards. And since we've come to love blogging so much, we want to share it with all of you. Our new Pocket Chart Calendar Set includes:

Month Headers
Calendar Numbers
Holiday Cards
Birthday Card
Special Event Cards
Days of the Week
Months of the Year
Place Value Cards
Weather Graphs
Birthday Graph
Lost Teeth Graph

Here's a little sneak peak of what you will see in our Calendar Set:

Our Calendar Set fits with the standard calendar pocket chart and schedule pocket chart. Check it out!

And as a treat for our followers and all of you fabulous teachers, we are having a year end sale at our TpT store through next weekend! Our whole store is 20% off! So stop by and get your calendar for next year, and check out all of our other fun stuff! Our sale will end Sunday June 11th, as wee officially begin our summer break!

We know all of our friends in blogger land are super busy, but we'd also like to give one of you our calendar set for free! Just leave us a comment about your favorite calendar activity, and we will pick a random winner this Saturday night. Good luck! Only 1 week left!!!


On a side note, we survived the zoo today, with only a few sprinkles!
Active animals + 5000 kids = an awfully fun zoo day! Man was it packed! :)


  1. i like to do little songs about the dates/numbers-- teachertipster has a funny one.

  2. What a cool calendar! My favorite calendar activity is counting how many days we've been in school!

    Miss Kindergarten

  3. My favorite calendar activity is who lost a tooth...my firsties get so excited when it happens

  4. My favorite calendar activity is our sight word cheer for any word we are working on! Give me a T....T...Give me a H...H...Give me an E...E...What does it spell?? THE!!!

  5. I like working on place value and money. I have the kids in second grade complete place value with the days remaining in school (subtraction). We work with money on days in school (addition). We check the answer each day with a different addition and subtraction strategy.

    Primary Graffiti

  6. My class loves adding straws to our place value pocket chart and think its "magical" when we move the ones to the tens pocket!

  7. My students love to make trades with the place value straws and coins. I love to see my kiddos get excited when they realize there's going to be a trade.

  8. Favorite Calendar Activity: We love our months of the year chant and song. The also love the place value pocket chart when it switches to tens and then finally to hundreds.

  9. I love doing my calendar on the Smart Board! It makes it really interactive and the kids love being the calendar helper! However, I am moving and am not guaranteed a Smart Board next year so I might have to pick up a copy of your calendar set!

  10. I like working with tens/ones on the calendar!

  11. Didn't do calendar this year but plan to do it next year for sure. I had so many children that had behavior problems this year (10 students from all the first grade teachers). I love to teach the calendar when I have the chance to.

  12. Your calendar set is too cute! All my teacher-blogger friends can't stop talking about it. As for my favorite calendar activity, I like Jessica Meacham's 100 day puzzle idea. Everyday you add a preselected puzzle piece and then on the 100th day, you have a complete puzzlel. The kids love it!