All About the Earth Freebies!!!

Happy Monday Blogger Friends! Today is our last Monday before summer! And let us just say, we are EXCITED! This week we are doing a crash course on the Earth to finish up the year. We have everything jam-packed into 2 Earth-filled days. We are focusing mainly on the layers of the earth and what the earth is made up of. We've got 4 great activities to share with you! Click on the pictures to get your copies.

Diggin' to the Earth Game: This game comes with numbered cards 0 to 10. You need to print 2 sets per game board. The kids each draw 2 cards, make an equation, and as long as they answer correctly, they move to the next space. If they are incorrect, they stay where they are. First player to the center of the earth wins!

Labeling the layers of the earth: 1 is the crust, which is colored brown. 2 is the mantle, which we color red. 3 is the outer core which is orange. 4 is the inner core which is colored yellow.

Center of the earth writing: This is a page we used for the kids to write about what they would need to bring if they were going to dig a hole to the center of the earth. They also create their picture to go with it by outlining the drawing with a sharpie, and then painting it in with water colors. These turn out AMAZING!

Here is a recipe for the play dough we use to make a model of the earth which we cut in half for each child to take home. Directions are on the recipe.

Does anyone else do anything fun when learning about the earth? We'd love to hear from you about what you do!

For more activities about the earth, check out our Earth Day Unit at TpT. It's on sale, as is everything in our store, 20% off through Sunday!

Have a great night friends!


  1. Wow, these are great activities! Thank you for sharing

  2. Just wanted to leave a note and say I'm loving these activities! Thank you so much.

  3. I teach 4th but I'm so thankful you shared your game! I'm having my kids answer review science questions instead of math questions, but they are loving it!