Calendar Time

Over at Oceans of First Grade Fun Ms. A is having a linky party. Her question is wether to have her calendar time using the traditional calendar board method or using her new Promethean board. We decided to join in on this party because over here at First Grade Fanatics we still use the old method of having a calendar board and we LOVE it! We like it so much that we created new cards for our calendar area and we are super excited to be able to reprint if we lose a number or word! Interested? Check it out HERE at our TpT store! A preview picture is below :) Calendar time is very interactive for our first graders. Our calendar routine includes months, days of the week, the current date, money, place value, weather, a daily poem, counting our days of school, states/countries review (depending on current events that are happening), and of course our daily schedule which our students look at immediately when they enter the room! Our calendar time is very hands on and usually begins after math. It is a great way to continue practicing math strategies and provides a great transition into our morning reading block. Our students continually refer to our calendar throughout the day for spelling, writing numbers, etc... So her question got us thinking, how do you do calendar?

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