Friday Freebies and More!

Happy spring and happy Friday!  I'm currently on spring break and really enjoying the time to relax with my family!  Life has been busy, especially with an almost 15 year old.  I thought life was busy when she was younger, but it seems to get busier as she gets older and has an even busier school and social life!  
It's been a while since I've last blogged and I have lots to share with you.  

I just love these extra worksheet sets.  They are perfect for extra practice in math, and I use them a lot during my intervention time.  During intervention my kiddos are either reading with me individually, or working independently.  You can check this set out {HERE}
You can check out all themed sets {HERE}!

If you'd like a preview of what's inside this set,  here is a little spring addition/subtraction freebie.  Just click the picture below to download! 

Last week The Moon was our reading theme.  Our main story in our core reading program was Kitten's First Full Moon.  Our small group reading books were nonfiction books about the moon.  We completed lots of moon activities throughout the week and read several fiction and nonfiction moon books.  If your looking for a great moon phase activity, I found a lunar cycle wheel that on TpT.   I modified it a bit and  my kiddos couldn't wait to take their wheels home and look at the night sky!  You can find it {HERE}!  My kiddos also each made models of the earth and Moon's orbit. With my support, and completing these in two steps, they turned out great!  Most importantly, my first graders have a great tool to help them understand the earth and moon's orbit.  You can find this awesome freebie {HERE}!

Below are a few freebies I made.  The moon facts booklet was a choice activity that I incorporated into my intervention time.  My kiddos could write their own facts that they learned about the moon, or write facts from two of the moon anchor charts that were hanging on our classroom.   I also created a moon themed math worksheet.  My class needed a little extra practice and review on adding tens, so I created this worksheet for extra practice.  You can check out both of these freebies by clicking on the pictures below.

Here are just a few of the books that my class loved listening to during our moon week.  Night Cat isn't really about the moon, but it was about a cat at night and there is a full moon.  It was a perfect book to read after reading Kitten's First Full Moon in our core reading program.  If You Decide To Go To The Moon was a FABULOUS book!  My first graders were so captivated by this story and enjoyed every page! The Moon by Thomas K. Adamson was a perfect nonfiction book, with simple text and simple facts for young readers. 


I'm sure most of you have already celebrated your 100th day of school, but here are some freebies for you to tuck away until next year :) We celebrated our 100th day of school during the third week in February.  Here's a 100 word booklet and a subtracting from 100 worksheet that my kiddos completed on our 100th day!  The 6 page booklet has 100 spaces for words and took a few days to complete.  My kids found words around the room and wrote them in their booklets.  I used this booklet as a choice activity during our intervention time.  The math worksheet was a great review during our math time.  Click on either picture below for both downloads!

 Also during the third week of February our first graders attended a presentation about our flag.  Local members from our VFW came and presented about our flag and each first grader went home with their own flag and flag stand.  This was the perfect week to learn about American Symbols. I checked out several books from the library which my kids and I could read from during the week.  I also made this cute anchor chart that I found {HERE}.  If you'd like pictures with labels to create your own chart, or to display in a pocket chart, just click one of the pictures below.  You can also download a flag facts worksheet as well.  Both freebies are included in one download.  


Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you have a great end to your week!