Our Calendar is now in Spanish!

We've had a few friends who are Spanish emersion teachers ask us about translating our calendar stuff into Spanish. We teach at a school that is roughly 25% Spanish speakers, so we'd been toying with the idea for awhile. After many drafts we've finally got it! So head on over to our TPT store and have a look!

Pocket Chart Calendar Cards
Monthly Calendars
Schedule Cards (coming soon!)

And since we have revamped our calendar areas, we also had to again revamp our Pocket Chart Schedule Cards. They include 23 school subjects/events and a title card. The cards are also in two fonts so you can choose to print the set that you like best! Also there are 3 blank cards if needed to write additional subjects/events on. The cards fit nicely in a schedule pocket chart measuring approx. 13 x 33. Make sure to check those out as well.

To kick off our first bilingual products, they will be on sale 15% off through the weekend. Hope these work for you! If there's anything else you'd like to see, please let us know! We really try out best to make sure our products are generic enough to fit all of our blogger friends. Hope ya'll are enjoying summer!
If you haven't already been to Primary Inspired, head on over! She's doing a great giveaway!

Do you have our Pocket Chart Calendar pack? Or do you just need some cute monthly calendars? One thing that we do each month is have the kids fill out a calendar to take home. We include holidays, special events, or days off of school so that the kids can follow along. It's also great at the beginning of the year for kids who need extra practice writing their numbers. So we thought we'd make a 12 month caledar set for you to have that matches our calendar cards. You can use this with our set, or by itself. If you'd like to see it, head on over to our TpT store and take a look!

Calendar Time

Over at Oceans of First Grade Fun Ms. A is having a linky party. Her question is wether to have her calendar time using the traditional calendar board method or using her new Promethean board. We decided to join in on this party because over here at First Grade Fanatics we still use the old method of having a calendar board and we LOVE it! We like it so much that we created new cards for our calendar area and we are super excited to be able to reprint if we lose a number or word! Interested? Check it out HERE at our TpT store! A preview picture is below :) Calendar time is very interactive for our first graders. Our calendar routine includes months, days of the week, the current date, money, place value, weather, a daily poem, counting our days of school, states/countries review (depending on current events that are happening), and of course our daily schedule which our students look at immediately when they enter the room! Our calendar time is very hands on and usually begins after math. It is a great way to continue practicing math strategies and provides a great transition into our morning reading block. Our students continually refer to our calendar throughout the day for spelling, writing numbers, etc... So her question got us thinking, how do you do calendar?

Word Wall Words

Well after cleaning our classrooms last week we decided our word walls needed a new look. So we created a set of word wall words and alphabet headers for our word walls. This set can be found HERE in our TpT store. This set includes 170 high frequency words and one set of alphabet letters. Two fonts are provided for the words, and three fonts are provided for the letters. Color words are mixed in with the words and are also provided in color. We have also included blank word cards for you to add your own words if needed. So come check it out HERE, and don't forget we are having a 20% off sale at our TpT store through tomorrow!

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All About the Earth Freebies!!!

Happy Monday Blogger Friends! Today is our last Monday before summer! And let us just say, we are EXCITED! This week we are doing a crash course on the Earth to finish up the year. We have everything jam-packed into 2 Earth-filled days. We are focusing mainly on the layers of the earth and what the earth is made up of. We've got 4 great activities to share with you! Click on the pictures to get your copies.

Diggin' to the Earth Game: This game comes with numbered cards 0 to 10. You need to print 2 sets per game board. The kids each draw 2 cards, make an equation, and as long as they answer correctly, they move to the next space. If they are incorrect, they stay where they are. First player to the center of the earth wins!

Labeling the layers of the earth: 1 is the crust, which is colored brown. 2 is the mantle, which we color red. 3 is the outer core which is orange. 4 is the inner core which is colored yellow.

Center of the earth writing: This is a page we used for the kids to write about what they would need to bring if they were going to dig a hole to the center of the earth. They also create their picture to go with it by outlining the drawing with a sharpie, and then painting it in with water colors. These turn out AMAZING!

Here is a recipe for the play dough we use to make a model of the earth which we cut in half for each child to take home. Directions are on the recipe.

Does anyone else do anything fun when learning about the earth? We'd love to hear from you about what you do!

For more activities about the earth, check out our Earth Day Unit at TpT. It's on sale, as is everything in our store, 20% off through Sunday!

Have a great night friends!

Calendar Cards Winner

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Comment 3 Hadar who said, "What a cool calendar! My favorite calendar activity is counting how many days we've been in school!"

Email us Hadar so we can send you the set! Don't forget you can get this set at our TpT store and right now it's on sale for 20% off!

Our new Calendar Set! (and give away)

As our year comes to an end we of course are already looking ahead to next year. We are always looking for new ideas for our classrooms, and we both thought we'd like to spice up our calendar areas. You all know how frustrating it is to lose calendar pieces, or wear out something, only to have to buy an entirely new set! So, we thought we'd create our own calendar cards. And since we've come to love blogging so much, we want to share it with all of you. Our new Pocket Chart Calendar Set includes:

Month Headers
Calendar Numbers
Holiday Cards
Birthday Card
Special Event Cards
Days of the Week
Months of the Year
Place Value Cards
Weather Graphs
Birthday Graph
Lost Teeth Graph

Here's a little sneak peak of what you will see in our Calendar Set:

Our Calendar Set fits with the standard calendar pocket chart and schedule pocket chart. Check it out!

And as a treat for our followers and all of you fabulous teachers, we are having a year end sale at our TpT store through next weekend! Our whole store is 20% off! So stop by and get your calendar for next year, and check out all of our other fun stuff! Our sale will end Sunday June 11th, as wee officially begin our summer break!

We know all of our friends in blogger land are super busy, but we'd also like to give one of you our calendar set for free! Just leave us a comment about your favorite calendar activity, and we will pick a random winner this Saturday night. Good luck! Only 1 week left!!!


On a side note, we survived the zoo today, with only a few sprinkles!
Active animals + 5000 kids = an awfully fun zoo day! Man was it packed! :)