We're back with a few freebies!

Hi everyone!  It's been a while since we've blogged!  We've both been SUPER busy!  New home projects have definitely taken up the majority of our free time.  Summer is just around the corner for both of us and we're hoping to add lots of new products to our store, so be on the lookout and follow us for updates!  
Thought we’d share with you a few lessons that could easily be added into any math curriculum or as a math lesson for a sub day!
I was in search of some measuring activities to use with my first graders during our measuring unit.  I came across THIS ACTIVITY using the book Measuring Penny from Frogs, Fairies, and Lesson Plans.  My kiddos just loved the story Measuring Penny.  I read the pages that related to length and height.  Next, I handed each of my students a large piece of construction paper.  They could draw any pet that they might have, or a pet that they would like to have.  After their drawing was complete, I attached this ½ sheet to their drawing. Then my students measured their pet with connecting links, paper clips, square tiles, and connecting cubes.  These nonstandard units of measurement were placed on tables throughout our classroom so my kiddos could move around while completing this lesson.    
You can get this freebie HERE!

At the  end of our measuring unit we did an independent measuring activity.  My first graders each had a copy of the worksheet below.  I placed four different nonstandard units of measurement at 4 large tables.  My kids could then choose which table they would go to based on what unit of measurement they chose.  Next, they needed to locate one object at a time and measure it with their chosen unit.  They had lots of fun and enjoyed choosing which unit to measure with. 

You can grab this freebie HERE!

And here’s our shape freebie.  I was in need of a math activity for my first graders and searched and searched for a fun shape lesson that my substitute could do with my kiddos.  After several minutes of searching, I decided to create one of my own!  You could use this lesson during a shapes unit, or save it for a day when you have a substitute.  Simply scoop some pattern blocks into a cup for each of your students.  I had these pre-scooped  for my substitute, and made sure there were no more than 10 of each shape.  After the cups were handed out, my kids simply sorted, counted, filled out the data table, and then graphed their results.

This freebie can be found HERE!

Hope you all have wonderful week!