Fraction Freebie

We just ended our math unit on fractions and found an activity that's all over Pinterest, Pizza Fractions! Our kiddos had a blast creating their pizzas.  Our kids colored their paper plates brown (crust), added some red (sauce) and some orange and yellow (cheese).  Next they decided if they wanted their pizzas divided into halves or fourths.  Then they chose their toppings.  We had a chart posted (see pic below) of the toppings they could choose from.  We also had scrap paper available for the students to cut out their toppings from.  

Here are a few!

After they created their pizzas, they wrote about their Pizza Fractions and glued their papers on the back of their black construction paper.
If their pizza was divided into fourths, they used the paper that had four fraction/topping lines.  If it was divided into halves, they used the paper that had two fraction/topping lines.
If you'd like a copy of the paper our first graders wrote on, just click the picture below! 

Hope you all have a wonderful week!