Hope This Post Finds You Well!

Hi there! I hope you are all doing well, and are safe and healthy! We have transitioned to distance learning here and I am finally feeling like I have my schedule down! I miss my first graders so much, but am thankful that I get to talk with them and hear about their day. 

I wanted to share a few freebies in hopes that you could use them this school year, or next. 
At the beginning of March we had finished our math unit on data and graphing. Since we had a short 2-day week due to conferences, we completed our chapter assessment and my kids got to conduct their own surveys about favorite treats. They each surveyed 10 classmates by filling out their tally chart. Then, after surveying 10 classmates, they answered the questions. They had so much fun! I also made a favorite fruit tally chart worksheet to complete more toward the end of the school year, but we never had time to complete it. I'm saving it for next year! I updated my worksheets and included two versions of each worksheet. One version has a line for you to write (or the child to write) how many people they plan on surveying. You can click on either picture below to download!



One other freebie that I wanted to share with you is an opinion writing template. Every spring I teach opinion writing to my first graders. This year I'll still be teaching it to my students, but it will be taught through distant learning. One of the stories I love reading is Spoon! Here is a great read aloud  of the story Spoon:

Here's a Safe YouTube link (No pop ups!):

And here is the opinion writing template that I plan on incorporating into my first graders distance learning packet. Just click the picture below if you'd like a copy!

I hope you all have a great rest of your week!
I'll be back in May with another writing freebie,
 and some new writing products that I'll be adding to my store!