Hope This Post Finds You Well!

Hi there! I hope you are all doing well, and are safe and healthy! We have transitioned to distance learning here and I am finally feeling like I have my schedule down! I miss my first graders so much, but am thankful that I get to talk with them and hear about their day. 

I wanted to share a few freebies in hopes that you could use them this school year, or next. 
At the beginning of March we had finished our math unit on data and graphing. Since we had a short 2-day week due to conferences, we completed our chapter assessment and my kids got to conduct their own surveys about favorite treats. They each surveyed 10 classmates by filling out their tally chart. Then, after surveying 10 classmates, they answered the questions. They had so much fun! I also made a favorite fruit tally chart worksheet to complete more toward the end of the school year, but we never had time to complete it. I'm saving it for next year! I updated my worksheets and included two versions of each worksheet. One version has a line for you to write (or the child to write) how many people they plan on surveying. You can click on either picture below to download!



One other freebie that I wanted to share with you is an opinion writing template. Every spring I teach opinion writing to my first graders. This year I'll still be teaching it to my students, but it will be taught through distant learning. One of the stories I love reading is Spoon! Here is a great read aloud  of the story Spoon:

Here's a Safe YouTube link (No pop ups!):

And here is the opinion writing template that I plan on incorporating into my first graders distance learning packet. Just click the picture below if you'd like a copy!

I hope you all have a great rest of your week!
I'll be back in May with another writing freebie,
 and some new writing products that I'll be adding to my store!

Happy February!

Happy February! I can't believe we are already more than half way through the month! We've had a lot of rain here in Oregon these last few weeks, but today and the next several days are filled with sun! I do enjoy winter and the snow, but I am tired of the cold rainy days!
Speaking of the snow, my family and I have had several opportunities to head to the mountain this winter. Here's a pic of us a few weeks ago :) 

Mt. Hood is just gorgeous during every season! My husband and I were able to complete a 3 day hike around it last summer and saw so many beautiful parts of this mountain. 

Okay, now for some school related things, and some new and updated freebies!
I have finally finished my sight word bingo sets. April and May have been added to my store and I have also added a bundle that includes all 9 sets. 
You can click HERE, or the picture below, to check out the bundle. 

This last month and a half my first graders have been working through their place value unit in math. I decided to add in some additional support and practice this year since this is such a heavy duty unit, and I really wanted my kids to have a firm grasp on place value. 
One skill that often can be a struggle is finding 10 more and 10 less than a number. Before I gave my kiddos this lesson from our math program, we spent a day practicing with Reusable Write and Wipe Pockets. I got mine several years ago at Lakeshore and absolutely love them! I use them in small reading groups and also during partner work in math. Each pocket was filled with the two worksheets below. You can click on them to download for free!

 We began by watching a few place value Khan Academy videos before I handed out the mats. I LOVE Khan Academy. Their videos are wonderful! After watching a few video clips we used our tens rods and ones pieces on the side with the tens and ones worksheet. We did lots of practice showing numbers and what 10 more/less looks like. Eventually I handed out dry erase markers and we completed the 10 more 10 less worksheet. When we got to the last part of the worksheet, I had my kiddos write their own number and also write 10 more/less than the number. 

I made a few review worksheets for our greater than and less than lessons. These have been in my store, but have been recently updated with different fonts. You can go HERE to download or just click on the pictures below!


After several days of learning and practicing using the symbols, we used our reusable wipe off mats again and practiced with partners during a whole group lesson. 
There are so many ways you could use these with wipe off mats. 
I began this activity using the page with the larger symbols. We would start with the first symbol and I would show my students two numbers. Then they would write them on the correct side of the symbol. When we got to the second worksheet, I would give them one number, and they would need to put their own number following the symbol. The last box they could create their own greater than, less than, or equal to statement. If you would like these, just click HERE or the pics below!


    Last week was pajama day so I just had to make an addition and subtraction PJ themed worksheet! You can stop by my store and pick it up for free HERE, or click the picture below! 

Thank you so much for stopping by! 
I hope you have a wonderful rest of the month! 


Hi there it's Leslie! 
Happy 2020! Hope you all had a wonderful start to the new year! I took about a year off from blogging and it sure feels great to be back! 
My goal this year is to post once a month and share with you some new things I am incorporating into my classroom, freebies and anything else I love and think you'll love too!

Here's a little number practice that I'm using in my classroom this week. I'll be using this in a small group setting with some of my students that need a little extra practice counting and recognizing numbers. These sheets can be cut into fourths and stapled into mini booklets. The kids will practice counting the numbers using the 10's frames, find the correct number below and daub it with a bingo dauber. Using bingo daubers will definitely make this extra practice more fun!

Here's and example of what one sheet looks like:  
I've created on set that focuses on finding numbers 21-40 and another set that focuses on numbers 41-60. I will be sharing more sets in the next few months! Each set has answer sheets, with the correct answer underlined, if needed.

Just click below if you'd like these freebies!

Click {HERE} for Set 1: Numbers 21-40

Click {HERE} for Set 2: Numbers 41-60

These last few months I've been working on several new bingo sight word sets that are now in my store! Each set uses 25 different sight words and contains 30 different bingo boards! This is a great whole class sight word practice activity. These are also great when you have a substitute and need a time filler. If you'd like to take a peek at these you can click {HERE}, or click on the individual pictures below. Look for April and May to be added soon!


 Here's a number bingo FREEBIE that I wanted to share :) It's a set of 30 different bingo cards all focusing on numbers 1-25. Just click {HERE} or the pictures below!


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for stopping by!