Lots and Lots of Literacy Freebies!

Happy Monday!  Hope your week is off to a great start!  A few weeks ago my reading theme was pets.  We read several books about pets, made lists of how to care for a pet and our favorite pets.  We also did a pet picture/name sort and a writing piece about our favorite pets.  I made a pet word search that was incorporated into our second reading block.  My kiddos need to work independently during this time and this word search along with a pet mini book were two of the five paper activities that they could choose from. 
 You can grab this {HERE} or click below!

If you'd like to check out some of the other pet activities my first graders completed, 
you can check out this set HERE, or click below!

Weekly word sorts are completed during my small reading groups and also during literacy stations (see below).  Last week we focused on the short i sound.  If you'd like this freebie, just click one of the pictures below!

If you're following my stations that I incorporate into my reading block,
here's what we finished up with last week:

*Listening Station: iPod shuffles- Llama Llama and the Bully GoatThe Biggest Pumpkin Ever,  Spooky Hour & Skeletons

*Sorting Street: Short i word sort can be found {HERE} or click on the pics above

*Publishing Place: Transportation Book from our transportation set that can be found {HERE}

*Artist's Alley: Learn to draw a cat, dog, fish, and a rat (we had a pet theme last week in our reading program).  {HERE} is where I got my step by step instructions.  They were pretty easy for my first graders to follow.  {HERE} is the entire Learn to Draw section.  

*Fine Motor: Letter pick up.  My kiddos use tweezers that I bought from Lakeshore Learning, they can be found {HERE}.  I found this letter mat somewhere, but can't find it anywhere to add a link! If you know where it came from I would be glad to add the link :)  My kiddos simply look for the letter in a container filled with Lace-A-Word Beads, pick it up with tweezers, and match it.

I also created a few Make-a-Word worksheets that relate to familiar sounds we've worked on during reading.  You can grab these {HERE}, or click the picture below!

*Word Way:  Spin a Word Bingo.  I'll have the link up tomorrow :)

*Beginning Sound Boogie:   I found out about this fun activity while searching on Pinterest.  Pre-write consonants on spoons. Students choose a spoon and try and make a word.  If it makes sense (it's a word and not a nonsense word) they write it down.  I made two worksheets that focus on the sounds that we have previously learned in reading.  If you'd like them just click  {HERE} or the picture below!
*Pocket Place:  Large pocket chart with short vowel pictures and words can be found {HERE}.  Also at this station are student photos and name cards, frog life cycle cards (reading theme this week), and transportation sorting cards that can be found {HERE}

*Word Family:  I used this freebie:  Word Builders {-at family freebie} from Miss Kindergarten Love.  I LOVED it so much that I bought both her long and short vowel set!

Click {HERE} if you'd like to see the first week and some info about my station work!
Click {HERE} if you'd like to see the second week

Have a fabulous week!

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