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Hope you are all having a fantastic July!  We sure have been enjoying our summer around here!  We’ve got several new products in the works and have just added a few to our store. 
Last year with my first graders I incorporated literacy centers in a whole new way and I absolutely LOVE it!  You can read about that {HERE}.  I often incorporate syllable activities and decided to create some monthly themed activities that my kiddos could easily complete while in their groups.   

Each set includes:       

*Picture/word cards

*Syllable sorting mats/headers  

*Syllable count worksheet

*Cut & glue picture cards & sorting mat worksheet

I love incorporating poly spots at my syllable stations.  These are a great tool to use for counting syllables in words. My first graders use the poly spots to hop/jump to while saying a word.   Typically my syllable sorts contain words with 1-3 syllables, so I place three poly spots at the station.  They place the poly spots in a row on the floor near the station, pick a word, and then hop it!  For example, if the word was pencil, they would say pen as they land on the first spot, and cil as they land on the second spot.   Clapping is also an option, but this is by far their favorite!

If you’d like to check out our monthly sets you can go {HERE}, or click on the pictures above. September and October are currently in our store.  November and December are in the works and should be added soon! 

If you’d like a peek at what’s inside these syllable sets, we’ve added an animal set as a freebie!  This pack contains a few of the items that are in our monthly syllable sets. 
Just click the picture below! 

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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