Sight Word Assessing & Some Random Freebies!

Happy Monday!  It’s Leslie here and I am so glad to be back online!  My internet has been intermittent for that last two weeks!!! L  
Turns out it was our router, and I'm FINALLY back on!  I’ve had this post in the works and am finally able to share with you all.

Here's how I assess my students on their sight word knowledge. 

Using our Read the Rainbow Sight Words pack I assess my kids weekly.  Our first graders are assessed in our small reading groups 
(I am currently assessing nine students). 
 Our pack has 11 lists with 20 words on each list (first 220 Dolch words).  You can find this pack {HERE}.  The white cards below are on my word wall.  Each card has a colored icon that corresponds to the colored list.  The cards on colored construction paper are what I use to assess my kiddos.  Each list is copied on a different color.  I have an extra set of these cards and my first graders often practice with these cards during their literacy station rotations.
After I asses my students, they are given a list to practice at home for the week.
I have a poster displayed near my small group reading table and each student has a numbered sticker.  I place their sticker on either side of the number that corresponds to the list that they are currently working on. 
They move along the rainbow as they pass their list.  
If you’d like this little freebie you can fid it {HERE} or click on the pic below! 
There are three different options!
And here are a few random freebies!  I used this missing addend worksheet with my first graders last week.  The answers are on the bottom and my students just crossed them off as they filled in the missing addends.  
Just click the pic below if you’d like your copy! 

Here are a few random non-school related freebies.  These two printables are both saved in a 5x7 format and are meant to be framed. Writing down a weekly dinner menu is a MUST for me and I typically plan my meals on Saturday for the following week.  This little menu printable can be placed in a 5x7 frame.  I display it in my kitchen.  I use a dry erase marker and write on the glass.  The other is a countdown to Christmas.  I have both in frames and LOVE that I can just write on the glass!  If you'd like a copy just click on the pictures below to grab your freebies!

Thanks for stopping by & have a WONDERFUL week!

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