New Reading Friends Poster Pack

Happy Thursday!  
Hope you've all had a great week whether it be with your family, friends, or students!  We go back in two weeks and our students return in three!  We've definitely been trying to accomplish A LOT and have been super busy creating new products, updating a few oldies, and working in our classrooms!  Look for classroom pictures soon!  Erin is in a new classroom this year and is setting up for her new kindergartners, and Leslie has been unpacking all of her things since new carpet has been installed in her first grade classroom!
Here's a new addition we've just added to our store,
and it's on sale through tomorrow! 
This is a very simple version of our recently updated
  Reading Strategies Poster Pack.

This pack includes 8 decoding strategy posters, a student bookmark, parent page, 
and cards to use during small group. 
The strategies included are:
*Eagle Eye
*Lips the Fish
*Stretchy Snake
*Chunky Monkey
*Skippy Frog
*Tryin Lion
*Flippy Dolphin
*Helpful Kangaroo

You can check them out {HERE}!

Here is a sample of what's inside:

Decoding Strategy Poster

Small Group Cards
 We're using these little cards during our small group reading instruction and plan on laminating them and attaching them to craft sticks. 

Student Bookmark

Parent Page
These can be sent home for parents to use while reading to/with their child. 
 Or while they're listening to their child read.  

Here's a freebie set that we created to go with our Reading Friends Poster Pack. This little poster pack contains coloring sheets for all eight strategies and can be found {HERE}.

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