St. Patty's Day Unit & Some Freebies

Well we're done with conferences and boy are we tired. Two 12 hour days can really leave you EXHAUSTED!!! And that's just about how we're both feeling right now.
We're done with our assessments, ready to start the next trimester,
and looking forward to two full weeks with our students before spring break!
One of the units we will be incorporating throughout the next few week is our

We've just updated it and added a few new literacy activities. So if you've already purchased it, just re-download to get our update!
Click {HERE} to stop by our store and check out our newest addition!

Here's a peek at what's inside this unit:

This unit is full of St. Patrick's Day themed math and literacy activities. Several activities go along with the following books:

And now for a few freebies!
Here are some cute St. Patty's Day bag toppers.
Simply cut on the dotted lines, fold, and staple over treat bags!
Click {HERE} for bag toppers

And here are some St. Patrick's Day circle tags. These cute little tags can be cut with a 2in. circle or scalloped punch.
Click {HERE} for circle tags

Enjoy the weekend!
Stay tuned next week for updates and ideas
surrounding our newest science focus this month!


  1. Love the freebies and your pack looks adorable!

    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. Looks great! Thanks for the treat bag toppers..I am actually going out today to get a few more things for my kids!

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  4. Hi! I just left you an award! Come and pick it up. :)
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