Motivational Monday Vol. 8

Well we have 3 more Mondays left with our kiddos and we have so much to do! Along with all of our end of the year classroom and school wide activities, we are beginning our reading assessments this week. Math and writing are soon to follow. We are so proud of our first graders and all that they have accomplished this year! To celebrate our first graders accomplishments we will be passing out awards and goodies near the last day of school. Above are treat/goodie toppers we plan on using. We thought you might enjoy these too and we wanted to share them with you! These could be attached to erasers, pencils, fruit snacks, pretzel bags, etc...
Click HERE and get your toppers!
Enjoy & Happy Monday!


  1. Thank you and can I say CUTEST blog ever!

  2. You are very welcome!! Thank you so so much!