Solid, Liquid and Gas

Today we did a little activity on types of Matter. We focused on the difference between liquids, solids and gases. This is a bit of a difficult topic for the kids to grasp, but we do our best. Click on the picture for a copy of the activity we did. Enjoy! It's almost Friday...


  1. Hi When I click on the picture it says I am unable to preview and download this file. Would you please send it to me?
    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Same here, thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi,
    Thank you so very much! Your work is wonderful. Where did you find that clip art?

  4. Thanks cc! The clipart was just some clipart that we had on our clipart program. Glad you found this activity useful :)

  5. Thank you for this sort. I sent it home as a review activity for parents to do with their children. Your blog is wonderful! I've been teaching first grade for 4 years; it's great to share ideas.

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