Yay For May!

Happy May!  I just love this month!  Our weather here in Oregon starts to dry out a little and we FINALLY see more sunshine YAY!  This week I finished up my May Show and Tell Apron Cards.  These work great in Show and Tell Aprons, but also work nicely in pocket charts, or at a table!
  I print the vertical cards and my kiddos match the pictures to the words use these at our pocket chart station.  This works great for vocabulary development.  My kids also enjoy organizing the cards in ABC order.  If you'd like to check these out, just click on the picture below!  February-May are all finished and I'm currently working on a June set.  September-January will also be added throughout the summer months :)  

Here's a little worksheet I will be incorporating into my intervention activities this week.  It includes some of the words used in my May Show and Tell Apron set.  If you'd like a copy of this freebie, just click below!  

Opinion writing has been a BIG focus these last several weeks in my classroom.  There are so many great stories to incorporate while teaching opinion writing.  One story I LOVE to use is I Wanna Iguana by Karen Kaufman Orloff.  I created a format for my first graders to use as support while writing their opinions.  On the first line is where my kids write should or should not, based on their opinion.  Then they give their two reasons to support their opinion, and finally restate why they strongly feel Alex should or should not have an pet iguana.  Also included in this little freebie are half sheets with an iguana picture.  There are several different options :)  My kiddos each chose a picture and drew something different around or near the iguana.  Their writing pieces along with their picture, are displayed in our school hallway.    Pictures will be added soon!  If you'd like your a copy of this freebie, click below!
 If you're following my stations that I incorporate into my reading block, here's what we started last week, and will finish up in a few days!

*Listening Station: iPod shuffles- What's in the Sky?, The Cow That Laid an Egg,  & Down Comes the Rain

*Exploration Station: Magnetic wands and various small objects that are magnetic and non magnetic.  My kids sort them and draw about which objects will attract and which will not attract to the magnetic wand.

*Stamp Station: *Stamp a Word- Write it Stamp it can be found {HERE}.  I  place sight word cards at this station that my students can write or stamp, or they use the word wall.  

*ABC Station:  Word puzzle pieces very similar to these HERE, but I found mine at Walmart last summer.  Also at this station are spring/earth day ABC order worksheets that can be found {HERE}.

*Publishing Place: Frog is Hungry book which can be found at Reading A-Z .  I print the book in a wordless version and my kiddos make up their own text to the story.  So much fun!

*Artist Alley:  Fingerprint dandelions.  I got the idea from this post {HERE}.  

*Write the Room:   Read and Write the Room: April words that can be found {HERE}

*Word Way:  Oi Oy Secret Code Words and Spin a Word that can be found in this pack {HERE} 

*Fine Motor: Line Art.  I create a master page that looks like the anchor chart found {HERE} and my kids great pictures using different line styles.  Lacing cards are at this station as well.  

Need more station ideas?  Just click on the links below!

Click {HERE} if you'd like to see the first week and some info about my station work!
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Click {HERE} for other station ideas!
Click {HERE} for other station ideas!
Click {HERE} for other station ideas!
Click {HERE} for other station ideas!

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Hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week!

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