New Station Ideas and Some Freebies

Happy Sunday!  I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!  
It was a pumpkin patch day for my family yesterday!  
Weather wasn't too bad either.  
A little sunshine every now and then and no rain! Yay!   
We had lots of fun and always enjoy 
the apple cider donuts and cider slushies. 
 Here's a picture of Natalie and I!

Glad we went yesterday because today is filled with lots and lots of rain!  But that's pretty typical for Oregon!  Thought I'd share some of my stations that we did last week and and also share a few freebies that you might find helpful as well!  

We've just started our Dolch sight word lists in first grade.  
Each of my kiddos takes a list home for practice.  
You can read about this set {HERE}  

The lists can be found in this product below.  

I attach a note to their first list that goes home.  It is completely editable and if you'd like a copy feel free to click below!  I used this font {HERE}.

This year I decided to create an individual poster that my first graders can place stickers on.  They just Love it.  I keep their individual posters in my reading conference notebook.  When they finish reading the words, they take home their filled up rainbow and begin spelling.  
In previous years I've used the poster that can be found in the post {HERE}.  If you'd like a copy of the posters you can click on either picture below to grab a copy!

If you're following my stations that I incorporate into my reading block,
here's what we're currently finishing up with:

*Read and Write the Room: Back to School & Lunchtime from this set {HERE}
*Publishing Place- Apple Tree Mini book it can be found {HERE}
*Puzzle Place: An alphabet puzzle, environmental print puzzles, & Pinkalicious puzzle.  {HERE} is an example of what the environmental print puzzles look like.  I cut them up myself and place them in baggies.  
*Alphabet Avenue: Alphabet Bingo  a beginning sound Bingo game.
*White Boards:  Kids write spelling words from weekly word list, then write their own words.
*Sort Street:  Sorting short a word sort that can be found {HERE}
*Pocket Place:  Large pocket chart with short a pictures and words can be found {HERE}.  Also at this station are student photos and name cards, frog life cycle cards (reading theme this week), and transportation sorting cards that can be found {HERE}
*Word Way:  Spin a Word (Dolch words).  These can be found {HERE}.   I'm including our worksheet from this week!  Just click the picture below :)

Click {HERE} if you'd like to see the first week and some info about my station work!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!
Thanks so much for stopping by!

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