All About the Alphabet Freebie!

As we start to think about thinking (not ready to say we're thinking yet, we still have another month!) about heading back to school, we've been thinking about how to review some kinder skills with our little first graders fresh out of kindergarten. Word work in the beginning of the year will look way different than it did at the end of the year of course, so we need to freshen up our activities. We've created a little "All About the Alphabet" pack over at TpT that we'd love for you to take a look at. There are some great Alphabet posters for your classroom, some fun matching games, and games to help reinforce sounds. So head on over and take a look! Here's a little preview of what you'll see!

As a little bonus we've also created a few alphabet worksheets to go along with this pack and we'd like to share them with you all! So click below to download your copy! Have a great Thursday!

Click here for ABC Worksheets

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  1. Thanks so much! Not sure what grade I'm teaching next year, so this could end up being very helpful!

    Just an FYI -- alphabet is missing the "l" on your link's page.

  2. Thank you! I am a new follower. Please check out my blog.
    First Grade Frame of Mind