Marc Brown

So, this year I have been taking a class called "Authors, Authors, Authors." It's offered every year in Portland through a company called TINT. They have some great online classes as well if you are around the area. Each month we meet and listen to a children's author speak about writing, their story, and publishing their work. Tonight we got to meet one of my favorite authors. I remember loving the Arthur books when I was in school, and they have become favorites of my own two little boys. Marc Brown was quite entertaining, and it was fun to get to see some of his upcoming work, some of which isn't even finished yet. He hadn't written an Arthur book in about ten years, but for Arthur's 35th Anniversary he published Arthur Turns Green. It's a great book, and even better since tomorrow is Earth Day! What a fun night! I even felt a little like a groupie waiting in line to get some books signed. Someday maybe I will publish a children's book, and you can say you knew me when...

Don't forget to enter our Creepy Crawler give away! We will draw a winner tomorrow night. Have a great night!

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