Cloud Art/Writing Activity

This week we have been busy learning about clouds. One art/writing activity that we do every year with our first graders is an activity that incorporates Little Cloud by Eric Carle.

We give each of our students a piece of blue construction paper and they paint the entire paper with white paint. Then they create designs in the paint using their paintbrush, a toothpick, or a Q-tip. The following day we read Little Cloud by Eric Carle and then have a discussion about the shapes that little cloud turned into. Eventually our students create their own clouds out of their painted paper and complete a writing about their cloud. We save our students' large scraps each year so other students can cut out pieces the following year if needed. See one of our examples below. We thought you might enjoy a copy of the writing. Our students begin the writing with, "My little cloud turned into..." Click HERE for a copy of the writing page if you are interested!

Along with clouds and weather, we've also been talking about the water cycle. HERE is a fun video/song we share with our students. HERE are also a few songs from Teacher Tube that we have typed up for our students to practice.

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