Happy Almost Friday!

What a crazy week we've had, getting back to real life after Spring Break. Here are a few things to help ya'll out!

This is a bookmark that we've included in our kid's writing folders this year. It really has helped them remember the punctuation in their writing. Here's your copy! :)

I've been really hitting contractions hard in reading group, and yesterday we had a center time with tons of different contraction games. Thanks to all of you who have had such great stuff! I needed one more so HERE it is. Have fun with your copy!


  1. It looks great on your website, but I am unable to view in google docs. Can you try to upload them again?
    Thanks so much!

  2. Too cuuuute! Thanks for the great resource :-)


  3. Thank you for sharing!! I love the smarty pants graphic!! Have you ever had your students watch "Between the Lions"? There's a great smarty pants dance...and the tune is quite catchy.

    First Grade Factory

  4. Oh my gosh! I was totallllly brainstorming a bookmark like that! What a coincidence!

  5. They're quite cute bookmarks. This will indeed be very helpful for those kids out there who kind of tend to forget what they've learned easily after having certain breaks. Thanks for sharing!

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  6. Thanks for the cute game. I was able to download, but do not see a recording sheet. Am I missing it?

  7. Check out today's post for the recording sheet! Thanks :)