Happy Tuesday!

 Hope your week is off to a great start!  I've been super been super busy getting ready for conferences, but wanted to share a few ideas and freebies with you all :)
Short e was our sound focus a few weeks ago and I made a little freebie that I thought you all might enjoy as well.  Just click the word search below to download!

This week is consonant digraphs sh th and -ng so I made a thanksgiving themed ABC order and word search :) Just click below if you'd like a copy!

If you're following my stations that I incorporate into my reading block,
here's what we started this week:

*Listening station: iPod shuffles- Party Time! (SpongeBob Squarepants)Duck at the Door,  & SmileyShark

*Blend Bop: Roll a Blend {HERE} or click the picture below.  The mini book mentioned below is also in this link.

*Publishing Place- Blend mini books{HERE} or click on the pictures below

*Fine Motor: My students have two choices at this station this week.  They can either feed the cup letters with tweezers (using their spelling list) or feed the tennis ball using their hands and inserting small letter beads.  Below are pictures :)

*Artist's Alley: Create a turkey with wings made from paper shapes.  See picture below :)

*Word Way:  Word search that can be found {HERE} and secret sight word worksheet that can be found {HERE}

*Social Studies:  I made a basic map of our classroom and my students color the labels in the map key and on the map.

*Pocket Place:  Large pocket chart with short a pictures and words can be found {HERE}.  Also at this station are student photos and name cards,{HERE}, short o cards that can be found {HERE}, and short e words that can be found {HERE}.

*Wikki Stix:  My kiddos use Wikki Stix with the short vowel play dough mats that can be found {HERE}

Click {HERE} if you'd like to see the first week and some info about my station work!
Click {HERE}for other station ideas!
Click {HERE} for other station ideas!

Have a wonderful week!

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