Long and Short Vowel Review

Happy New Year!  Hope you all had a wonderful holiday.  We sure did!  
We enjoyed spending lots of time with family and friends and not having to set our alarms at night!
I go back next week and our sound focus for the week in our first grade Treasures reading program is long i.  We will be focusing on long i words with a silent e.  A few weeks before our winter break our focus was long a words with a silent e.  So this week I plan on doing A LOT of review with silent e!  I also plan on reviewing short vowel sounds as well,  mostly focusing on a & i.  
We are currently working on a few new silent e products for our store and they should be up by next weekend!  
Below we've got a few bingo freebies, as well as some great links to other sites for vowel practice ideas/activities.

I plan on using these bingo freebies below during my reading stations next week and the following week.  
My first graders just love bingo!  

Here's how we play this partner game!

1.  Each pair of kids needs one spinner (place a clear spinner over the top, or use a pencil and a paperclip). 
2.  Each pair will need one or two worksheets (your pair could could share a worksheet each using a different color, or have their own).  
3.  Player one spins first.  If the spinner lands on a long or short section, player one finds, reads, and colors in a long or short vowel word word on the bingo worksheet. 
4.  If the spinner lands on the "free choice" section, the player gets to choose a word of his/her choice to read and color.  
5.  This continues until one of the players gets five in a row!

If you'd like a copy of these bingo games, just click the picture below, or {HERE}!

If you have a SMART Board, this is a fun activity that I have used. 
 It includes both long and short vowel practice. 

We found this AWESOME anchor chart on Pinterest! I'll definitely be creating this with my first graders next week!  It's from Teaching With Style  and you can find this anchor chart and several others {HERE} on her site! 

 Love this cute video!  Great for long/short vowel practice!

Here's a little freebie from Mrs. Pollard!  My first graders used this last year at a literacy station and they LOVED it!  I plan on using it again after we learn all of the long vowel sounds.  You can find this freebie on our Pinterest board HERE or in her TPT store HERE 

Have other ideas/activities to help your kiddos with long vowel practice? 
 Comment below!  
We'd love to here your ideas!
We hope you all have a wonderful week!

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