Happy July!

Happy July!  Summer is definitely keeping us busy, but we are enjoying some Oregon sunshine this week!  The weather has been BEAUTIFUL here! 
We are currently in the process of updating several of our products that are currently in our TpT Store and have some new ones that we're adding as well this summer!  If you have purchased our Pocket Chart Calendar Cards we've updated the set by adding field trip, no school, and years (2014-2019).  Just click {HERE} if you'd like to read more about this set!

May and June were both filled with A LOT of review work, especially in math.   Below are a few of the worksheets that we did at the end of the school year.  We had several weeks of math review before our end of the year assessment.  You can click {HERE} if you'd like a copy of these!

We'll be back next week to share some iPad apps that we just love!  
We'll have a few freebies as well!
Have a wonderful week!

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