Planning For Place Value

Even though we've still got a few more months before we return, lesson planning is still on our minds!  One chapter in our math program that we feel our kiddos often need extra support in is place value.  If you're looking for some ideas then this is the post for you!  We can't wait to share a few new products we've created, an idea that's all over Pinterest with a freebie we created to go with it, and some great interactive websites that we're sure will be a hit with our new first graders in the fall!   

Here's one of our newest additions to our 

 Just click the title below if you'd like to check it out!
Place Value Numbers 10-19

This place value set focuses on numbers 10-19.  There are 6 different worksheets.  Each worksheet has two versions.  There are also two games and six blank masters.

Just click below to check out this game!
This place value game focuses on numbers 10-19 
and is also great extra practice for your students. 

Students place the cards in three piles: numbers, tens frames, and cubes.  Then they match the correct three cards together.

After all of the cards have been matched, students recored their matches on the worksheet.  See example above.

 Here's a a place value activity that we've seen all over Pinterest.  
We're excited to try with our new first graders.  
 My Second Grade Journal has a great tutorial on making these {HERE}

 We'll begin by just focusing on tens and ones.  First we'll have our kiddos move their cups and position two numbers side by side.
Then we'll have them pull the cups slightly apart to show the numbers and plus symbol.  We'll explain that five tens is 50 and then you add eight ones to the 50. 
Then we'll have them push the cups back together and explain that that's the sum.  50+8 is 58!

 Here's another example just using one hundred.  This will definitely be added once our kiddos have a firm grasp on tens and ones.  

We wrote hundreds, tens, and ones on the bottoms of the cups for organization.  We'll explain to our kiddos to place the hundreds cup down, then tens, and finally ones on top (we'll probably repeat hundreds, tens, and ones several times to help them remember the order :)  
Hoping this will help keep the cups in the right spot!

If you're wanting to go past 199, here's a picture showing a cup with 100-900.

We thought it would be nice to have a recording sheet for this little activity, so we created a little freebie that we'd love to share with you all!  

There are two sheets.  The first one with two addends if you're just focusing on tens and ones.  The second one is for three addends if you're also focusing on hundred.  You can click below either of the pictures above if you'd like a copy!

Finally, we wanted to share some great interactive games.  We can't wait to play these with our kiddos using our SMART Boards!  

We just LOVE!  

They have a great Base Ten Bingo game that can be found {HERE}

They also have another great place value game, Base Ten Fun, that can be found {HERE}

At another site, Birmingham Grid for Learning, we found a Bead Numbers activity where students can create numbers using beads that represent hundreds, tens, and ones.  You can have the computer create questions for you, or you can select free and create your own numbers.
This game can be found {HERE}.

ict games has a fun Shark Pool Place Value game where your students can practice with tens and ones.  It can be found {HERE}.

We hope you have found some helpful ideas and wish you all a wonderful rest of your week!


  1. Thank you for sharing all of these ideas! They seem like they would be really helpful!

  2. Wow! Love the packet. I like the idea of the cups too. Thanks for the recording sheet. ABCya is one of my kiddos favorites. We use it on our Kindles in Math Stations. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Your products are always so great and professional quality. :D

    You Might Be a First Grader….

  4. Thanks for the sweet comments! We're glad this post is so helpful for you all!

  5. What great ideas! I'm so excited to use some of them during the upcoming school year. Following your blog now! Thanks!

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  6. Help:) I tried to get a copy of your writing notebook page that includes the alphabet, but was told I did not have permission? I was able to get the other pages. I'd still love a copy! Thanks!

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