Snowmen and a *FREE* President's Day Mini-Unit!

Happy Monday! Or in our case, we survived our Monday! Man, it was a rough one! Here's to hoping that the week gets a little less chaotic...

The last few weeks we've tried to fit in any snowman activities possible. Our schedules are so tight this year, that we really feel like we don't have time for anything other than what we are being required to do, but we do the best we can. We tried to incorporate some activities from our Snowman Fun unit from our store.  It's a great little unit based on our some our favorite snowman stories. Even when you don't have a lot of time, the activities are easy to do after just reading the book. If you haven't checked it out, you should pop on by and take a look. 

Several weeks ago we had our school's winter carnival, so we had to create our cute little snowman wall for some fun winter decor. These snowmen were sooo easy and the kids just loved them!  We used a little glitter on the hats to brighten them up, and they were just to die for! If you'd like the patterns, click {here}.

We try to get in a least one little craftivity each month, so for January we made these adorable little snow globes. Didn't they turn our cute?

Click {here} for the pattern for the snow globe.

We wrapped up our activities with one of our favorite activities from our unit that goes along with Sneezy the Snowman. After reading the story, and completing a writing activity, we did our ice cream tasting.

We started by tasting all four kinds of ice cream. If you plan on doing this activity, you need just 1 carton of each type of ice cream. We actually each buy two different kinds, and share. So we actually only use about half a carton for each class. We just give each child a spoonful, and it works out great!
After the taste test we created our large class graph on the smart board.

  After the class graph, each child made their own graph, and then completed the rest of the graph activities. If you'd like more info about this activity, check out the Snowman Fun unit.

President's Day is coming up, so make sure you check our our *FREE* President's Day Mini-Unit! You can find it at our TpT store.

Hope you stop by again really soon! We have a really fun Rainbow Birthday party to share with you, and some fun space activities. Happy Monday!


  1. Thanks for sharing these units! I am adding Sneezy the Snowman to my must checkout list! Oh, the icecream will be in my cart the next time I visit the grocery store!

  2. Your free president mini-unit is locked and won't let me upload it and save it without a password.

  3. Thanks SO much for the GREAT President's Day pack! You girls are SAVING me!!!
    Smiles - Lisa
    Growing Firsties

  4. I love your snow globe art project! Thank you so much for sharing!

    Owl About Us

  5. These are all wonderful activities. Thanks for sharing! I like the snow globe activity, but when I clicked on it I get the snowman templates. Could you send me the snow globe. I'll probably save it for next year.

    A fellow Oregon teacher,


  6. Thanks for sharing! Can you also send me the snow globe template? I also get the snowman template. I'd like to use this next year. Thanks ...