We're still here & we have a smart board freebie!

Wow, have we been BUSY!!!  Last week was our first week of school and it was full of fun!  We're starting the year off with a new math, reading, and handwriting curriculum, and brand new Smart Boards!  We are just LOVING our new SMART Boards.

We decided we needed a cute cover for our boards and found the cutest curtains at IKEA.   We thought these would be perfect if we needed to close up our SMART Boards, especially on days when we have a substitute.  The substitute can simply close the curtains when the SMART Board is not being used.  

We also made sturdy benches that our kiddos can use to access the SMART Boards.  Our first graders are just as excited about these boards as we are, and they have really been enjoying all of the activities that we've created and adapted for our SMART Boards.  We can't wait to start incorporating the online components that are part of our new reading and math programs!

With our new reading curriculum we're completing making words activities often.  Instead of using letter cards, we've created letter tiles using our Scrabble Letters from Scrappin Doodles.  Our students select a letter and pull it down to make a word.    
Here's an example of what we display on our boards: 

We've also created an attendance chart that our fisrt graders can use.  When our students arrive, they simply push the gray shade and a clipart character is shown.  We will plan on replacing the characters with photos of each student.  

Do you have Notebook(SMART Board software)?  If you'd like a copy of our attendance format just click the picture below.  We are unable to give away a copy of the one above due to clipart policies, but we've created an editable version using Microsoft Office clipart.  We plan on making a new one each month that is holiday or theme related.  

If you'd like the same font that we used to show up on your download, you will need to download the free fonts first.  They are:  Wish I Were Taller and Smiley Monster.  Just click on the name and you'll be taken to the download page.
Another freebie we'd like to share is a sign we displayed on our SMART Boards on the first day of school.  It's a PDF and could also be shown on a Whiteboard.  Just click the picture if you'd like to download!
We promise to be back in a few days and our goal is to have some classroom pics up in our next post!
Have a great rest of the week!


  1. GREAT freebies! Thank you so much! I'm excited to use the attendance one (well, both, really!)...Love your FANTASTIC blog!!

    Growing Firsties

  2. Awesome! I got my smart board set up at the end of last year and haven't gotten to use it much! I have high hopes for using it and this is something quick and easy I can implement next week!!!

  3. We just got a smartboard too - but I haven't even figured out how to use it yet. So THANK YOU for the freebie! It is a perfect way to get started!

  4. Hello :))) hope you had a wonderful day.

    I really love your blog, you have so many inspiring activities. I homeschool my son and I am always searching in your blog new activities to do with my son.

    I am writing you to ask you a favor please :)); I was wondering if you could recommend me a social science/history books. I need a reliable and attractive source to my history lessons. My son is in first grade.

    I would really appreciate your help. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks :)).


  5. I really hope you get this message!!! i realize that this post is older! I found your blog via a Pinterest pin and really like the attendance freebie. I figured out how to change the names but is there any way to change the people that are "under" the shade??
    Would appreciate any help.
    Thanks, Denise