And the countdown begins

Well we have about 12 more days left with our students and A LOT of things to get done! 
Along with assessments and all of the other end of the year items on our lists, we've got a field trip coming up, school wide jog-a thon, and field day.   Although there is a lot on our minds we're still trying to keep some normalcy and consistency in our classrooms as much as possible!
 We've been incorporating pieces of Treasures (our new reading program) into our Daily 5 and we're excited to fully implement Treasures with our first graders in the fall.  We've been creating new word work activities that relate to the weekly sound focus.  Last week we focused on the long i sound (igh, i, y, i-e) and this week our sound focus has been on the long e sound (y).  Below our a few word work items we created for our kiddos.  Just click below the picture and you can get your copies!

Click {HERE} 

Our latest focus in math has been shapes.  Along with a new reading program, our first grade team has been piloting a new math program, My Math, and WE LOVE IT! 
Here's a fun shape activity that we created to use while teaching our kiddos about two dimensional shapes.  Just click below the picture for your copy!

Click {HERE}

And speaking of math, we've just uploaded a First Grade Math Assessment based on the new Common Core State State Standards.  We've have been working on this assessment for quite some time and it's FINALLY done!  
Skills included, but are not limited to:
*Addition and Subtraction within 20
*Fact Families
*Addition/Subtraction Strategies
*Understanding the equal sign
*Number sense to 120
*Place Value
*Greater Than and Less Than
*Addition and Subtraction of 2 digit numbers
*Telling Time to Hour and Half-Hour
*2 and 3 Dimensional Shapes
*Halves and Fourths

Not interested in standards based on the common core standards.  Our First Grade Math Assessment is another great assessment tool and can also be found in our TpT store!

Click {here} to check it out!


  1. Thanks for the freebies! Your assessment looks great!
    Sarah's First Grade Snippets

  2. Thanks for sharing these great freebies!

  3. Thanks for the freebies!! Your blog is wonderful. I will be starting my first year in first grade this coming fall. I am so excited :)!! Do you have any suggestions?

    Thanks so much!!

    Miss J

    Smiles, Crayons, and Endless Stories

  4. What a great blog! My state is changing to Common Core Standards next school year, so this assessment is great ! Thanks! I am your newest follower! I also teach first and I hope you'll stop by my blog.
    :) Dana
    Fun in 1st Grade

  5. What do you love about my math. My district uses everyday math, which we all can't stand. I looked into my math and it looks good. I was just wondering if you could give more information on it. Thanks!

  6. Hi amybk27, Thanks for your great question. We'd love to share what we love about My Math with you :) Go ahead and email us at and we will definitely get back to you :)