Umm, it's almost May!!!

In case you haven't noticed yet, IT IS ALMOST MAY!!! As terribly exciting as that sounds, and how ready we are for summer, we have A LOT to do before schools out. So, hopefully you can understand our absenteeism on our little old blog. We are just about to head into our 3rd week of trying out our new reading series for next year, Treasures. We only had a tiny little bit of training, but they wanted us to play with it, and try to teach a unit. Holy cow!!! We are loving having a new adoption, but to just throw ourselves in the middle of it is kind of overwhelming. We've made some quick and easy centers that reinforce the sounds/vowel patterns that we are working on to use during Daily 5 that we promise to share {FOR FREE!!!} later this week. We also have some fun ideas for Mother's Day presents, as well as a great layout for making a class cookbook. We promise to share it all with you very soon! But while we are trying really hard to keep our heads above water, we wanted to share our May Math Journal Prompts with you. We've had several people ask for them, so we wanted you to know they are up. With one day to spare! :) We will be adding June, July and August for those of ya'll who keep on truckin' throughout the summer. So head on over to our store and check them out. We'll be back soon... xoxo

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