Whooo turned 2? {...and some owl freebies}

Hey blogger friends! It's Erin talking to ya today. I can't believe over a month has passed already since my baby girls 2nd birthday! Last month we had an amazing owl themed birthday party for her, and although I realize it has nothing to do with teaching, it was too cute not to share! Now, I am by no means an event planner, or professional, so hang with me. I think it turned out pretty stinking cute! You've got to love Pinterest! The very first thing I did was to buy this adorable owl hat from Naptime Stiches on Etsy, to use on the invitations. Isn't it to die for? Unfortunately this seller is closed briefly, but check back later. Awesome to work with!

This is the birthday girl making her "whoooo" sound like an owl.

If you need an adorable baby present, they are just precious!

Then I purchased this party set on etsy, and loved everything it made! Somehow I missed taking pictures of what I created with it, but I highly recommend the seller. She has great themed party kits.

Birthday girl wore this owl shirt that was also from Etsy. {Have I mentioned I may be addicted to Etsy as well?} She did a custom girl version that turned out perfectly!

Here are some pictures of a few decorating ideas too.

I had a horrible time trying to find the perfect table runner, so I just got a few super adorable ribbons and made my own. I think it turned out really cute. When I have some time (yeah right) I want to actually sew these together to create a table runner.

The goodie bags were one of my favorite parts. They had a yummy cereal mix, owl cups from dollar bins at Target, owl stickers, owl pencils, owl cookies, a water bottle, and some other fun stuff. If you'd like the owl patterns, {click here}. I thought those could actually work well for when we do our night creatures unit next fall.

I used my Cricut to cut the eye ovals and circles, and the little flowers, but you could use anything for those.

And then the desert table... yum.

Cake Pops from KupcakesAreYummy who is a friend of the family. To. Die. For.

Cookies are from another friend of the family, Cookies by Sarah in Portland.

And then my fabulously talented sister-in-law made these adorable owl cupcakes.

Maybe my very favorite desert was a treat that my neighbor showed up with for birthday girl. They were gone before I could take pictures, but here is a picture of some I made for Super Bowl. Definitely my newest sweets addiction. Rice Crispy Pops. Who knew? Covering rice crispy treats with chocolate makes them even better!

I'm telling ya... BEST THING EVER!

So, hopefully you can use some of these ideas. We had a fabulous party, although I'm still a bit sad my baby girl is already two. I guess it's time for number 4..

And now, for a little piece of actual school news...

With our math program that we are currently piloting, our first graders have math homework every night. We like to show recognition to the kiddos that are always bring back their math homework regularly so we created an award.

We just started this last month and we'll be giving a new one out each month. Typically if a student brings back most of the homework (might have 1-3 missing) they get an award.
If you'd like a copy just click the picture above to download!

Hope you all have a great week! Is is just us, or are 4 day weeks the best?!?!


  1. Everything is so cute! My little boy turns 3 next month so I'll be stalking the pinterest boards soon! I am so impressed with everything you did!

    Sarah's First Grade Snippets

  2. Yay, I totally forgot you were a fellow Oregonian! I need to check on Cookies by Sarah in Portland. That's great!
    Sarah's First Grade Snippets

  3. Cutest birthday party! Everything is precious!


    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  4. Oh my goodness! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! I am obsessed with owls, and my birthday is on this Saturday! Do you think that 27 is too old to have a owl-themed birthday party? :)

    Thanks for the freebie! We (of course) have an owl theme in our classroom, so these are perfect!

    Teachery Tidbits