It's never too late for snowman fun!

Although there isn't any snow where we're at, it's still winter and we have been busy incorporating our Snowman Fun {book based math & literacy activities} unit into our daily schedule. This unit is filled with snowman math/literacy activities. Six of the math & literacy activities are based on the following books:

Along with the six activities based upon the books above, there are several additional math & literacy activities also included in this 48 page unit. Here is a peek at what's inside:
Literacy and math activities include:

*How to build a snowman writing activity

*Snowball fact family math activity

*Snowmen at Night adjective, noun, & verb sort

*Missing addend snowmen math activity

*If my snowman caught a cold (creative writing activity)

*Favorite ice cream data collection activity with questions & a graph.

*Snowman adjective writing

*Snowman adjective, noun, & verb sort

*Snowflake/snowman addition & subtraction equation match (with sums and differences 11-15)

*Snowman stick activity with measuring worksheet

*Snowman doughnut treat directions with ingredients list & pictures

So if you'd like to add a few more snowman activities to your resources, just stop on by our TpT store and check our Snowman Fun Unit! It's on sale now, along with our Winter Wonderland Game Pack!


  1. Girls- I hope that you play! ;) I'd love to see your answers!!!!

    TAG!!!!! Please come to my blog and read the instructions! ;)


    P.S. Thanks for mentioning Sneezy the Snowman! I had never heard of it before!!!!

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