Reindeer Freebies!

Wow. There isn't much more to say. After conferences, we changed up our schedules a bit to really fit everything in. We are piloting a brand new, off the press math program, and we wanted our math time to be consistent everyday (which it wasn't before), and wanted to get in Daily 5 everyday (which we weren't) and somehow we made it work. But, it feels like we run all day long. The morning is packed so tight, there is very little room to breath. It's a miracle we are able to get in everything we have to teach, let alone fit in any type of Christmas activities. Add to that, the craziness of our little firsties this close to Christmas. We don't know how you all do it! This year, we've decided to focus mostly on our Gingerbread unit, and we are in LOVE! The kids just eat it up, and we are having so much fun teaching it! If you haven't checked it out yet, you should! The books are so fun, and flow so well together. Tomorrow the kids get to taste gingerbread cookies... But I digress...

We have managed somehow to create a tiny chunk of time to reindeer this year. Is this Rudolph just to die for?

We really love activities where the kids get to use hand prints. As a mom, these are always my favorite. Something about seeing the size of their hands way back when. Hopefully this sweet Rudolph is pretty self explanatory, but here are a few helpful hints to help you get started.
Cut for each child:
Head-light brown square 7" x 7"
Ears- 2 each, light brown rectangle 2" x 3"
Antlers- dark brown 9" x 12"
Eyes- white rectangle 2" x 3"
black rectangle 1" x 2"
Nose- Red square 2" x 2"

To go along with this, we wrote this poem. Click {HERE} for your copy. We've also included a writing sheet for the kids to write their own poem.
We also love to make this adorable book Brown Reindeer, Brown Reindeer, based on Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See? This is of course a class favorite, so the kids do their very best to make this an incredible book. We wrap it up, and give it to parents for Christmas, along with their ornament (check back for that post later).

Click {HERE} for your copy of the book.

And last, as a special treat for the kids to take home we make Reindeer Dust. I used to do this with the kids, but as demands get higher, we just don't have time. So now I make it and give it to them for a treat to take home. To make it extra cute, add a bit of red glitter to the nose. {Now, I used to make these with stamps, punches, the works. But I now make them for my class, my 2 son's classes, plus our friends kids, so they are on the computer now. :) }
Reindeer Dust Recipe: Uncooked rolled oats, and glitter (I use red, green, and either gold or white, but whatever works).
Click {HERE} for your the bag topper. Enjoy! We'll be back later this week with some more freebies!


  1. Cute reindeer! I have a couple different patterns for making reindeer (I just posted one:) ) and now I can add this one!

    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  2. Very sweet. I love it all. I'm going to try to find some time to make those reindeer.

    Grade ONEderful

  3. Love your reindeer activities! Thanks for sharing your hard work!
    Funky First Grade Fun

  4. this is so cute! do you have anything on snowflakes?

  5. I'm a little late in finding this, but I love the book! I'm using it next year :)