What's coming up...

We're still here! Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about all of ya'll! We have been busy working hard with our firsties, and trying to get ready for conferences which we have the week of Thanksgiving. We've been assessing, and DRA-ing our little ol' hearts out. Not to mention working on some fun stuff for you! Keep your eyes out this week, because we've got some big stuff coming up!

*Sharks, Whales, Bats, Owls.... Oh my!!! You won't want to miss this! We'll have TONS of freebies for reading and learning all about these fabulous creatures!
*Some fun turkey art projects, just in time for turkey day! Complete with some Thanksgiving freebies!
*Our next word family pack up for TpT. Have you checked out our first one? See it HERE. These are a great tool for introducing word families. This year we are doing one of these a week, and so far it's working out great! Can't wait to share Vol. 2!
*Our newest unit is just about done... hint, think gingerbread... It should be up by the end of the week! Yay, it's turning into one of our favorites! ;-)

Don't forget about our Pumpkin unit, and our Fall Games pack. These are great additions to your fall lesson plans.

We'll be back tomorrow (hopefully, fingers crossed...) to share some fun non-fiction reading stuff with you. Have a fabulous week everyone!


  1. I can't wit to see your non-fiction ideas. You have really inspired me to be more creative. Thanks

  2. I love your blog! You are both amazing.... I think I need to work on my time management:)

    I started a blog a couple of weeks ago and you are in my "Blogs I'm Nutty OVer!"
    Stop by and check it out when you can!
    Going Nutty!